Diesel has a history of sexualised and degrading ad campaigns. 'Be stupid' is one of these campaigns with the accompanying slogan: 'smart may have the brains but stupid has the balls.' 

This was promptly followed by Diesel's 'sex sells' campaign (no points for creativity!) Sexualised images featuring the slogan were plastered on shop front windows. This resulted in a flood of complaints with at least one retail store agreeing to remove the posters.

Don't give sexploitation companies your xmas dollar

Cross'em off your Christmas list Jingle bells, Christmas is here. Well, it was here around October according to most retailers! But that’s another blog entirely....

'Sex Sells' Diesel Jeans, we're not buying

Diesel Jeans scrapes bottom of creative barrel with 'sex sells' campaign. Julie Gale of Kids Free 2B kids alerted us to this campaign from 'Diesel.'...

UK Bans Diesel ads – but not because of offense to women

Via Melinda Tankard Reist The Revolution of Real Women has criticised the UK’s advertising watchdog for banning the Diesel ‘Be Stupid’ ads – for the...

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