Diva - the jewellery and accessories retailer popular with pre-teen and teenage girls -  began selling Playboy branded Jewellery in 2011.

Collective Shout petitioned Diva to withdraw the porn branded jewellery from stores.


Cross'em off your Xmas list 2013

Corporate offenders of 2013 The festive season is here. You only need to look at the latest shopping centre catalogues, online stores and even your...

Cross'em off your Xmas list 2012

[UPDATE] Spotlight new addition to list for Playboy bed linen You're about to be bombarded. Bombarded with junk mail, TV, radio and outdoor advertising all...

Dodgy Diva does it again: flogging Playboy necklaces to little girls

Serial offenders Diva quietly restock Playboy jewellery at discounted prices Last year we learned that retailer Diva was selling Playboy accessories- including Playmate of the...

Diva breaches pledge to remove Playboy jewellery from stores

Caught selling Playboy necklaces to 10 year old girls Last year, Diva, the jewellery and accessories store popular with teenage girls, began selling Playboy branded...

Cross'em off your Xmas list 2011

Don't pay for Sexploitation this holiday season It's that time of year again. The time of year when companies ramp up their advertising in order...

Myxi the rabbit tells Diva to stop selling Playboy to girls

Diva is an Australian fashion jewellery retailer popular with young girls.In September 2011, Diva began stocking Playboy branded jewellery. 'Myxi Matosis' the disgruntled rabbit was...

Dear Diva, Bin the Bunny

Adolescent/child psychotherapist Collett Smart delivered Collective Shout's change.org petition to the Pitt Street Mall Diva store on the 29th October. Collett has written about her...

Diva backs off: Change campaign declared a success

Here’s the announcement Change.org - who we have partnered with in our campaign against Diva - sent out to everyone who supported our petition calling...

Thousands tell Diva 'stop selling Playboy to girls'

Collective Shout supporters will deliver our 135-page Change.org petition  containing 6000-plus signatures in Diva stores in various states this weekend. We will be letting Diva...

Video: petition calls on Diva to withdraw Playboy range

Collett Smart appeared on Sunrise discussing Collective Shout's petition to Diva calling on them to withdraw their Playboy range.  Collett has also written about the...

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