Diva selling Playboy brand to girls

Keep the global brand of the porn industry off our girls - boycott Diva

Diva, the jewellery and accessories store popular with teenage girls, is now selling Playboy branded jewellery.

Through use of cute love heart logos, invitations to 'BFF us on Facebook' and girls magazine promos, Diva are directly marketing to young girls.


So why is Diva wanting to dress them up in a Pornography brand?

'Playboy' is not just a 'cute bunny', but represents the global brand of the pornography industry. We've previously written about how Playboy has infiltrated the mainstream market creating brand familiarity with young people. Playboy is now branding bed sheets, make up and even energy drinks.  

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has previously said "I don't care if a baby holds up a Playboy bunny rattle." What is then forgotten is Playboy's core business - pornography.

Among the other Playboy items on sale at Diva is a playboy bunny 'bowtie' necklace. Presumably for little girls who want to look like 'Playboy Bunnies?'

What is Diva thinking?

Diva announced their new Playboy range on Facebook and received some negative responses:

Some of the comments include:

'Ok so I'm not being a prude (my job is in the adult industry) but playboy is PORN.... Nude magazines, porn films... Ect and i know that diva is REALLY popular amongst girls aged like what 9-16? Diva should be about encouraging girls to empower themselves and their individuality. Not letting a girl aged 14 to year a bunny necklace that shows all she wants to do in life is be a dumb blonde who wants to be in porn and get with an old guy. Seriously diva, thought SO much better than this tacky crap....'

'Totally agree Nadine. I have two little girls and they were my thoughts also.'

'Very disappointed. Will look totally off sitting next to the Disney princess section.'

Take Action!

Write to Diva here: [email protected]

You can let them know what you think on their Facebook page here.

Tweet them on Twitter here.

Phone them: 02 9938 3311  or  1300 348 228

More contact details for Diva can be found here.

Tell Diva to withdraw their Playboy range or you will boycott their store.

[UPDATED] Petition Launched calling on Diva to remove all Playboy products from sale. Please sign the petition here.

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