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Lisa Cox is a professional young writer, motivational speaker and role model. She promotes healthy body image and a positive attitude to life. Lisa recently wrote a book for young people called 'Does my bum look big in this ad?' From her website:

Ever wondered why you don’t look like the people in magazine ads?

Heaps of books look at how popular culture (like the media) affect the way you feel about yourself. Unfortunately, they’re mostly written about young people, not for young people… until now!

Lisa Cox takes a behind the scenes look at the media industry: Showing you how to critically and independently evaluate what you see, hear or read in popular culture.

You’ll also learn how to develop and maintain a positive body image, now and in the future, as you navigate your way through the media maze.

Collett Smart of Life Smart Solutions and also part of the Collective Shout team recently picked up a copy of 'Does my bum look big in this ad?' and wrote a review for her blog, The Tween Factor. Here is what she had to say.

In my line of work I often come across  great resources for parents OF t(w)eens, but not often FOR t(w)eens themselves. However, every now and then something lands in front of me that I just have to recommend -that something right now is the book by Lisa Cox called, ‘Does My Bum Look Big in this Ad?

Congratulations to Lisa Cox for this much needed resource for teenagers. In a society that has become ever more inundated with early sexualisation, cyber bullying, eating disorders, self-harm and self-loathing, Lisa’s book could be likened to a compass. It empowers, educates and equips teenagers with insight to guide them through today’s media maze.  Lisa's insight is drawn from studies in this field, as well as many years working as a Copywriter and also in advertising agencies, so she is able to take us on a realistic 'behind the scenes look at the media industry.'This book is the perfect size for teenagers (especially girls). It would make them want to pick it up for a quick read and I believe they would find it difficult to put down. The content of the book speaks in the language of youth, being completely on their level. It deals with questions and issues that I know from experience, our t(w)eens ask themselves daily.
Some areas covered in the book include:

  • role models
  • pop culture
  • media literacy skills
  • body image

I highly recommend this book for every school library and every home that has t(w)eens. It is something that can also be used as part of family discussions, which in turn would entrench family values. This is a book I will most definitely be using and quoting from at every T(w)een seminar I run!Lisa has been shortlisted for a Publishing award! Well done Lisa!To purchase a copy of this book today, go here!

Lisa Cox, writer, speaker, mentor

Lisa regularly speaks at events and schools. If you would like to book Lisa to speak at your next event or school, you can contact her here.

Editors note: I have seen Lisa's presentations on a number of occasions and I have not been the same since. Lisa has an incredible story and a powerful message, which all girls should hear. I can not recommend her highly enough. Why not ask your school to invite Lisa to speak?

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