Owner of world’s first sex doll brothel has revealed the harrowing fantasy customers most frequently request

Collective Shout has recently joined forces with the Campaign Against Sex Robots to highlight the dangers of normalising sex robots and in particular child sex dolls. 


Sergi Prieto, the co founder of the world's first sex doll brothel, Lumidolls in Barcelona, has expressed concern over the types of requests coming in from punters. 

According to the Daily Star:

Although Lumidolls claims to “cater for all fantasies”, Sergi said that some particularly vile requests are rejected out of hand.

When asked the most popular banned request, Sergi said: “Some customers prefer the service because they have a rape fantasy.

“Obviously we don't want to promote this kind of activity.”

Sergi said that sickening sex dolls designed to resemble children are also in demand.

He said: “In this market there are lots of suppliers that sell dolls that look like children.

“There exist dolls that are small and look like children.

“That's an ethical option for us not to provide this kind of service.

We believe robots and AI should be used for the good of humanity and should not be funded or produced in forms that increase human social problems.

We urge the European Union and the UK Parliament to conduct public consultations ahead of developing legislation in line with European and UK sex discrimination laws and the European Union’s commitment to the Rights of the Child.

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