Don’t buy the lies - women are not sexual objects

US based company “Slip” is advertising silk pillow cases to women with claims the product will prevent ageing, preserve hairstyles, prevent ‘sleep crease’ and even rehydrate skin. 

With slogans like ‘beauty not bedding’ the company has taken one of the basic necessities for human survival and added it to the ever growing list of beauty rituals a woman is expected to perform to remain "young and beautiful." 


Driving home this message is the way Slip objectifies women on its website and social media accounts. An Easter promotion has borrowed imagery from Playboy, depicting women in Playboy Bunny leotards with bunny ears and fluffy tails. The models are photographed from behind with the viewers attention drawn to their bottoms. The accompanying slogan “All Bunnies need thier (sic) beauty sleep.”


Sleep is necessary for good health, but ‘Slip’ perpetuates and profits from women and girls anxiety about physical appearance which is known to have negative health outcomes. Concerns about body image are linked to increased stress, depression and anxiety and a 2014 Flinders University Study found over one quarter of girls aged 8-10 are dissatisfied with their bodies and appearance. 

We can vote with our dollar by boycotting companies like 'Slip' and we can challenge toxic messages as openly as Slip has promoted them.   

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