Don’t let anybody tell you it’s too tough to make a difference

Don’t let anybody tell you it’s too tough to make a difference. Don’t let anybody tell you it’s too tough to be part of a revolution that challenges the sexualisation and objectification of girls and women. Don’t let anybody tell you it’s too tough to sign our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge.

We, on behalf of each and every one of our team members here at Collective Shout, invite you to sign our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge and show your commitment to social responsibility.

If you are a business owner, part of a corporate body, or know somebody who is, you have the power to make a real difference, to challenge the way women and girls are systematically sexualised and objectified in advertising and marketing, and to promote a culture of respect and responsibility toward consumers and all members of society.

As members of a consumer society, we are familiar with the ideas of ‘consumer power’ and ‘dollar votes’, but sometimes these are simply not enough. One of our members here at Collective Shout shared with us an experience that left her feeling vulnerable and devalued on one hand but empowered and hopeful on the other. 

“I went to a particular store looking for a pair of jeans. Unfortunately, the music playing inside was so filthy and explicit that I had to leave without even making a purchase. I was mortified. Absolutely humiliated. I couldn’t even look the store assistant in the eye as I left. Thankfully, my son was not with me.”

Leaving the store, she held onto hope. She made her way to the shopping centre information desk where she asked whether the centre had a policy about the kinds of music its stores could play. The response was a resounding yes. The assistant at the desk apologised profusely, reassured her that the centre did not endorse the kinds of values promoted by the music she had heard, and immediately took action to resolve the issue.

“Although I voted with my feet and expressed my concerns to the service desk, there would not have been an immediate response if the centre had not had a formal responsibility to its customers and an authentic commitment to this responsibility. It’s a two-way street - a collective effort of consumers and businesses. It’s the only way forward.”

By signing our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge, you, like so many other businesses who have already committed themselves to this revolutionary cause, agree to join in the collective effort described here by our team member which promises to respect and empower girls, women, and all members of society. 

Remember: it’s not too tough to make a difference.

View our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge here and see others who’ve already committed themselves to it.

Violeta Buljubasic for Collective Shout


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