Educators: Almost Half of all Year 5 Students Have Seen Porn

Founder of Kidz Biz Education Wendy Hill told the Sunday Mail that violent pornography is shaping primary school aged children’s behaviour.

According to Ms Hill, more than half of all Year 5 students, and almost all students from Year 6 onwards had viewed pornography online, but almost none told their parents or teachers because they feared being banned from the internet.


Pornography is impacting on children’s attitudes to sex, with ‘little kids’ simulating sex acts in the school yard and others raising questions about sexting and if it was okay.

“The types of images the children are seeing online is quite rough sex. Once they see it they can’t ‘unsee’ it. It’s quite terrifying for them.”

Boys were at risk of thinking slapping, hitting and choking women during sex was normal because “the girls (in online porn) look like they are enjoying it”, she said.

Ms Hill called on parents to restrict children’s access to technology by banning phones from bedrooms and bathroom in a bid to stop them from sexting at an early age. She also warned against R rated games that depicted sex, rape and violence and encouraged parents to activate safety settings on phones.

Children were also able to access pornographic material at schools as filters did not prevent pop up material. 

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