Empire Skate flogs Muppets-meet-porn themed skateboards to teens

Kids' characters co-opted for pornified merch

Recently, a New Zealand supporter alerted us to an ad which appeared in their Facebook feed, sponsored by NZ-based youth retailer Empire Skate. The ad promoted two skate decks (‘Empire Sunday Roast Deck’ and ‘Empire Piggy x Gordy deck’) featuring porn themed artwork, depicting a naked Miss Piggy-on-a-spit. Her wrists and ankles are bound. Kermit is about to stuff an apple into her smiling mouth.

The second version depicts a chef-character (resembling celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay) pouring sauce on Miss Piggy’s back.

The post tagged the artist’s Instagram account where a range of porn X Muppets themed artwork is displayed. One post depicts Miss Piggy in lingerie, posed on all fours, while Kermit snorts lines of a white substance (presumed to represent cocaine) from her backside.

This is not the first time we’ve called out a company for depicting a female character being roasted on a spit. Last year we led a flash campaign against a Melbourne based company which used similarly themed artwork to flog its products. We pointed out that this type of artwork is misogynistic and serves to normalise violence against women.

Adding to the harm is the blending of well known children’s characters with porn themes. It is a sinister and predatory tactic used by the porn industry to market to children.

Popular children's characters X porn themes: Artwork by Snaggle

Take action

Tell Empire Skate to stop selling porn-themed skate decks.


Empire Skate has blocked us on Instagram, and deleted supporter comments calling on them to stop flogging porn themed skate decks. As a result of our own Instagram post, we received an influx of comments defending the products. Several were derogatory, and to avoid further trolling, we have disabled all comments on the post.

For now, we will be adding Empire Skate to our Crossed Off list. This Christmas, get your skate merch from a retailer which values women and girls, and doesn't profit from sexist, degrading, pornified products and messaging that harm them.

See our full 2021 list of corporate sexploitation offenders to avoid here.

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