‘It’s yours + you can do anything you want’: Etsy sells replica 8-year-old girls for men’s simulation of child rape

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An Etsy seller is using the platform to promote child sex abuse dolls. The seller’s Etsy store contains several red flags for child-like dolls marketed for men’s sexual use, including brand names, child-size measurements and faces resembling young and adolescent girls. 

The store includes a link to the seller’s full website where sex dolls resembling young teen and pre-teen girls are listed. Brands known for manufacturing child sex abuse dolls feature in numerous listings on the site.

Linked store: Etsy merchant's sex dolls resemble young + teen girls

Read more in Anna Cordell’s change.org petition update here

Collective Shout investigations

In our initial investigations of the seller’s website, we discovered dolls as small as 136cm (the height of a 9yo girl) with the facial features of very young girls. In many listings, dolls were styled to appear childlike, for example, with braids or pigtails, holding lollipops and other props associated with children, and wearing clothing featuring cartoon characters popular with young girls. 

A short time later, we found the seller openly selling a sex doll modelled on the body of a pre-pubescent girl. At 128cm, the doll resembled an 8-year-old in size and stature.

In some promo images, the replica girl was posed completely naked. Another image depicted the replica girl in a plaid skirt (suggestive of a school uniform), bending over to expose bare buttocks and genitals. 

CSAM publisher: Etsy hosts images depicting children in sexual contexts

On the manufacturer's website, the same doll is listed under the heading “School Girl” Sex Dolls, alongside several other child sex abuse doll listings. Another online retailer promotes it with descriptors 'mini realistic' and 'little'.

'Cathy' - 128cm child sex abuse doll, manufacturer and online retailer listings

On Etsy, the item description provided measurements of penetrable orifices designed to accommodate a man’s penis: ‘Love openings: vagina: 17cm; anal: 15cm’.

Under the heading ‘Manufacturer information’ was this chilling line:

‘It’s yours and you can do anything you want.’

Pizza + tech head added as petition Decision Maker

Etsy’s newest Board Member C. Andrew ‘Andy’ Ballard has been added as a decision maker on Anna Cordell's petition calling on Etsy to stop selling child sex abuse dolls and other pro child sexual abuse merchandise. 

Andy comes with a range of high profile corporate experience and connections. He is co-founder and CEO of California-based tech company, Wiser Solutions, and currently sits on pizza giant Domino’s Board of Directors.

From Anna’s petition update:

I’m hoping Andy will take the action other Etsy Board Members have not to remove all child s*x abuse dolls + other pro child sexual abuse merch from sale on Etsy - and stop these products and their sellers from returning.

Surely, that’s not too much to expect of a well-connected tech head who sits on Etsy’s Board. 

Read the full update here and help Anna put pressure on Andy!

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