Shutting up Shop: Etsy sellers take a stand

Small business owners refuse to sell their products on Etsy

One year ago Anna Cordell – a Melbourne fashion designer, musician and mother of five – launched a petition calling on Etsy to stop selling child sex abuse dolls, replica child body parts and incest and child abuse-themed products. She had just shut down her Etsy store after seeing our posts exposing these harmful products sold on the online platform saying:

"If I'm asking a big business to consider people over profits, then I have to do the same"

Since then others have followed suit - taking action by pulling their products off the platform and letting Etsy know what they think of child abuse and incest-themed merchandise being sold alongside their genuine ‘unique and creative’ goods. 

“I’ve made the decision to close the Etsy store due to news that they complicity host stores selling child sex dolls, reinforcing the sexualisation and abuse of young girls. Thank you Collective Shout for raising awareness about this.” - Nicole, Nicole Steenhof Art

“Moving my small business away from Etsy to my own website is both nerve-wracking and exciting, but it was for good reason. Etsy continues to allow harmful products to be sold on their platform. I refuse to be associated with a business that allows this to happen.” - Angela, Dandelion Heart Quilts

"Organisations and businesses can be part of the solution if they want to... consumers, sellers, all of us - we have power, we have to use it" - Naomi, Redeemed with Purpose

"I've just closed my Etsy shop after five years. I had over 200 customers but it wasn't worth it to me, now knowing that they sell incest-themed merchandise. I've very happy about my decision.” - Eleanor, Tea Of Fortunata

We want to give a special shout out to these amazing sellers and show our supporters where they can go to continue getting behind small businesses.

Alice Mount Art & Design


Dandelion Heart Quilts


Redeemed with Purpose

Anna Cordell Clothing


Nicole Steenhof Art & Design 


Tea of Fortunata

Because you took action in the past, we got Alibaba to remove child sex abuse dolls from their platforms. Now it’s time for Etsy to do the same.

Sign and share Anna’s petition and help us reach 75k signatures!

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If you are an Etsy seller that has relocated your store as a result of our investigation we want to hear from you! Send us an email: [email protected] or reach out to us on our socials.

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You can defend their right to childhood

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