Etsy selling “black sex slave” dolls for men’s sexual use

Did you know you can purchase a “black sex slave” on Etsy?

We’ve uncovered a listing on Etsy for black female-bodied sex dolls marketed as “black sex slave”. The doll comes with three penetrable orifices and is tagged with the following: “sex slave, sex toys for men, fantasy sex toy, women sex toy, sex games, men sex”. Images showed the doll in a range of sexualised poses, including naked from the waist down and posed on all fours from behind.
From child sex abuse dolls and replica child body parts to incest and child-abuse themed merchandise and now, sex slaves, Etsy is profiting from the sexual exploitation of women and girls.
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UPDATE: Win! After a week of speaking out, the “black sex slave” listing is gone.


But while the “black sex slave” has been removed, Etsy continues to profit from the sale of child sexual abuse material on its platform, including child sex abuse dolls and replica child body parts marketed for men’s sexual use.
Just this week, we’ve found disembodied replica girl vaginas, described as “young girl” and sold as sex toys for men.
Add your name to Anna Cordell’s petition calling on Etsy to stop selling incest and child-abuse-themed merchandise 
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