Tongues + torsos: We uncovered more CSAM on Etsy

Etsy markets replica girls' body parts for men's simulation of child rape

*Content warning*

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We recently uncovered more child sex abuse material on e-commerce platform Etsy: dismembered torsos; disembodied replica mouths and tongues. These products are modelled off little girls' body parts and marketed for men's sexual use. 

One resembled the mouth of a toddler.


These are some of the most dehumanising, exploitative products we've ever come across. And we understand - not all our supporters want to see this content.

But for those wanting proof of Etsy's ongoing sexploitation, we've documented some of our latest findings here. Warning: images are heavily censored, however the content is still confronting and contains child sex abuse references + themes.

We exposed Etsy on Twitter.

We also tagged online payment providers - Klarna, Apple (ApplePay), PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express - to let them know that their services were being offered by Etsy sellers for purchases of CSAM. Klarna responded to say it was taking this 'very seriously' and would investigate. 

A number of these listings and sellers have since disappeared from Etsy. We're glad they're gone. But why was Etsy selling them in the first place? How many CSAM products + sellers is Etsy still propping up and profiting from? Why is Etsy facilitating the global trade in child sex abuse material and meeting men's demands for products to simulate child rape? 

Take action!

We are going to keep pushing Etsy to fix its platform and to stop flogging CSAM + other pro child sex abuse merch - help us!

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