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Etsy Take Action

Your support enables us to take action against those who are sexualising and objectifying women and girls to sell products and services.

Etsy's incest and child abuse themed products serve to normalise incest and child abuse and put girls at risk. As we’ve been highlighting for over a decade, we cannot address the scourge of child abuse unless we address the wider culture which fetishises and profits from it.

Help us stop Etsy from selling incest and child abuse themed merch today! 

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Janette mardunovic
Catherine Brown
Paul Speter
Christine Hawkins
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Maz Woodford
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Paul Speter
Bev Murrill
Renee Chopping
Renee Chopping
Who's donating: Janette from Wyoming, Australia recently donated - Thank you!

Bakers Delight ad trivialising child abuse gone

Following our 24-hour flash campaign, Bakers Delight advised its poster - featuring young girls bound with Christmas lights and mouths stuffed with tarts - would be pulled from stores.

Melbourne BBQ company dumps violent anti-women promo

After a flood of complaints sparked by our campaign, Boss Hog and the Duchess of Pork removed it's ad depicting a woman - bound, gagged and being roasted alive by a monstrous male pig-figure.

Alibaba removes child sex dolls

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group removed all listings of child sex abuse dolls from its global platform following our two week invesigation.

Our young people are suffering rising rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and body hatred. 58% of girls receive uninvited sexually explicit material (texts, video clips, pornography), 70% are harassed online. Sexualisation, objectification and a deluge of pornography are major drivers of these negative physical and mental health outcomes.