Get rid of your child sex abuse doll suppliers, Made-in-China!

'Audited suppliers' among MIC's child sex abuse doll sellers

Warning: Graphic content

We recently discovered a vast range of child sex abuse dolls available for purchase on e-commerce platform, including replica toddler girls and dolls recreated from customer-supplied photos of real, living girls.

After we exposed them, Made-in-China removed scores of the dolls and implemented measures to prevent future listings.

It came as no suprise to us to find that even after MIC took action to remove and block child sex abuse doll listings, MIC's child sex abuse doll suppliers are STILL SELLING child sex abuse dolls.

That's why we want Made-in-China to permanently ban all child sex abuse doll suppliers.

We uncovered 23 of them in our investigations - see our list here. There could be even more.

MIC child sex abuse dolls: new evidence

Explicit listings for child-like dolls might be gone from, but suppliers are free to continue selling them behind the scenes.

Exhibit A: Shenzhen Jellynew Technology Co.

In our initial investigations of, we documented Shenzhen Jellynew Technology Co selling replica toddler girls marketed for men's sexual use.

Our latest search of the company's page on led us to a 'Product Catalog' gallery where customers can request a 'Small Sex Doll' product list be sent to their email address. The catalog featured a wide range of small, child sex abuse dolls modelled on pre-pubescent girls. 

After receiving the catalog, we were then offered assistance via a direct message from the seller to 'get the doll you want'. 

In a follow up email responding to our questions, the seller confirmed it ships its products to Australia. Note that individuals convicted of importing a child sex abuse doll into Australia face up to 15 years imprisonment.

This is not the first time we've had Shenzhen Jellynew Technology Co in our sights. Two years ago we documented it flogging child sex abuse dolls on Alibaba's platforms. Read about our successful global campaign to get rid of Alibaba's child sex abuse dolls here.

More evidence of MIC child sex abuse dolls

After noticing we had downloaded its old catalog from, Shenzhen Jarliet sent us its new catalog. The document featured an explicit listing for a small (128cm) sex doll modelled on a young, pre-pubescent girl.

Candy, a 128cm child sex abuse doll featured in Jarliet's catalog

One section of the catalog, titled 'Customers and Our Dolls', featured this image depicting a wide range of sex dolls resembling young girls:

In June, we documented Jarliet offering child sex abuse dolls created from customer-supplied photos of real children:

We also received unsolicited messages from two other MIC child sex abuse doll suppliers, offering their services and product listings.

Huizhou Best Technology Co invited us to a virtual tour of its factory, where - according to its promo material - it creates 'highly customized' dolls.

It offers a range of head and body options, some of which are clearly modelled on young girls. We spotted these on another website it uses to flog its products:

MIC's 'Audited' child sex abuse doll suppliers

Several MIC child sex abuse doll sellers - including Shenzhen Jellynew Technology Co and Shenzhen Jarliet - displayed the 'Audited Supplier' logo in their company profile. According to a Made-in-China promo video, the logo means the company is 'authentic' and that it has been 'on-site verified' by an 'entrusted' inspection company: SGS, Bureau Veritas or TÜV Rheinland.

Our discoveries raise serious questions about MIC's auditing program: Why are child sex abuse doll suppliers with years-long histories of supplying replica toddler girls and sex dolls modelled on real children passing audit inspections? How could any reputable company put its name to one of these audit reports? 

Above: Audit reports on MIC child sex abuse doll suppliers, prepared by SGS and Bureau Veritas

Why did the presence of replica young girls' heads and bodies on sex doll factory floors (as pictured on company pages on Made-in-China) not raise red flags for third party auditors who allegedly performed suppliers' on-site verifications, or for MIC itself?

Inside the factories of Made-in-China's 'audited' child sex abuse doll suppliers,

Why is MIC giving a platform to corporate monsters whose products enable men to carry out simulated child rape in the first place? Is Made-in-China incompetent (ie it didn't know about the numerous child sex abuse doll suppliers it hosts) or disingenuous (ie just pretending it didn't know)? Why is it our job to perform their due diligence for them?

And why is MIC ignoring us? We emailed Made-in-China in June to urge them to ban all child sex abuse doll suppliers permanently. We did not receive a response.  

Holding MIC's parent co + shareholders to account is owned by China-based Focus Technology Co (Focus Tech). Publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code 002315.SZ), Focus Tech's major shareholders include Schroders and Vanguard. These corporate vested interests must be held to account for propping up and profiting from the global child sex abuse doll trade.

Our urgent message to shareholders: Tell Focus Tech to eliminate child sex abuse doll suppliers from MIC immediately.

Help us - take action!

Tell Made-in-China to get rid of ALL child sex abuse doll suppliers NOW.

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