Facebook shuts down anti-women Melb Guys Pal group but others take its place

"Holocaust #2 but instead of jews we target women"

Facebook has removed a Melbourne boys-only group that was posting so-called 'revenge porn', rape jokes and other misogynist content. The Melb Guys Pal group had 7000 members before its removal, and has since been replaced with a number of similar copycat pages. 

The Leader reportedly obtained almost 50 screenshots of degrading misogynist material posted on one of these pages, including the following:



We need to situate these anti-women sentiments within a wider culture of misogyny. Adolescent girls frequently share with us their experiences of sexual harassment from male classmates, sexist bullying, requests for 'nudes' and unsolicited sexual images. Some recount threats to photoshop their faces onto porn images to be distributed if they refuse to comply with demands for nude images. 

Collective Shout was contacted for comment. Campaigns Manager Caitlin Roper said that men and boys' pornography consumption played a significant role in shaping their attitudes and real world behaviours towards women and girls:

“We’re not talking enough about the role of misogynist pornography … this content is degrading and abusive towards women, it sexualises violence against women and promotes male dominance and female subordination.

“We can’t pretend that this is not having an impact on the way young men and boys view women and girls in real life.”

Read the full piece on The Leader. 

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