Facebook: Stop Allowing Sex Ads & Pornographic Content

Activists petition Facebook to uphold policies

It's not the first time Facebook has come under fire for inappropriate or illegal content.</p>

Last year pages such as “You know she’s playing hard to get when you’re chasing her down an alleyway” were criticized for being “hateful, threatening [and] inciting violence”. Following global protests, Facebook finally responded, ruling that potentially offensive pages may remain if tagged as comedy or satire.

Since then, Facebook content has only become more graphic. Facebook is now being used to advertise escort services selling people for sex, as well as various pages promoting pornographic imagery and even pages like ‘Jail Bait’ promoting illicit sexual behavior in regards to minors.

Lily Munroe, Justin Morgan, Linda Coffey and Tracey-Renee Crum or Porn Free Culture decided they had had enough. Lily shared her experience on www.womensviewsonnews.org

“I found this [escort service] advert totally unacceptable – it seems we can’t avoid pornography in our daily routines – not only on Facebook but also advertising in the general media.

“I explored further and realised Facebook allows pages which contain pornographic content – including nudity, derogatory language about women, sex ads, illicit pages and child porn. Not only this, the amount of such pages seems to be growing everyday.

“I then checked out Facebook’s policies which seem to proscribe against such pages, but when we reported them, Facebook said that these pages didn’t violate their policies.

“This response made me want to do something – I just couldn’t sit back any longer. It is not just adults using Facebook, the network is billed as a family platform and I have two children who both use it.” Read more here.

Lily, Justin, Linda and Tracey-Renee have partnered with Porn Harms and are petitioning the CEO of Facebook to uphold Facebook's existing policies.

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