Five Eyes intelligence demands tech giants provide access to encrypted content to catch child sex offenders

“This is a bad day for pedophiles and a victory for authorities in their fight to protect innocent children”

Via The Australian

Security ministers from the powerful Five Eyes intelligence alliance have demanded tech ­giants allow backdoor access to encrypted criminal content on the dark web, as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton declared Australia was in a global “war” with sex offenders.

In an unprecedented move against the technology industry, the Five Country Ministerial — comprising the US, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand — said urgent action was needed from the companies to combat live-streaming of child sex abuse.

The harshly worded statement gave executives from ­Google, Facebook, Twitter, ­Roblox, Snap and Microsoft, who were called to the ministerial meeting in London, until September to prove what action they had taken to combat what the five countries said were “abhorrent crimes”.

The statement also accused some companies of deliberately designing systems to prevent any access, even to the most serious criminal content.

Mr Dutton, who led discussions on the growing problem of child exploitation, has insisted that tech companies, which have resisted regulation and calls for backdoor encryption keys, begin co-operating under a moral ­obligation.

The demands are the strongest yet issued by the Five Eyes alliance, which is the world’s largest security and intelligence-sharing partnership.

Mr Dutton said from London that the Five Eyes partners had led the world against terrorism and were now taking the same approach to child exploitation and abuse.

“This is a bad day for pedophiles and a victory for authorities in their fight to protect innocent children,” he said.

“Our government is at war with child sex offenders, whether in our country or abroad, and there is now a stronger resolve than ever with our Five Eyes partners. Our Five Eyes partners have led the war on terror and now that war extends against child sexual predators.

“Today commonsense prevailed and the rights of victims won over the rights of child sexual offenders.”\

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Collective Shout has campaigned for stronger legislation and increased responsibility for major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to release information to law enforcement agencies on suspected criminal activity.


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