03 Jul
Mike Tyson UltraTune ad was #3 most complained about ad this year, but Ad Standards dismissed complaints anyway

Ad Standards has released a blog post naming the top ten most complained about ads so far in 2018. The list includes serial sexploitation offender UltraTune (#3) and the trailer for BDSM themed film ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ (#6). From the post: Community concerns about sexually suggestive content in advertising headlines the... Read more

03 Jul
Never Again? Addressing Sexual Violence Must Include Pornography

[Warning: this article contains graphic descriptions.] Melinda Tankard Reist is a writer, speaker and co-founder of Collective Shout. She co-edited Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Porn Industry and Prostitution Narratives: Stories of Survival in the Sex Trade. "Women must be safe everywhere. On the street, walking... Read more

03 Jul
Girls as young as 12 to be taught how to send naked images in Victorian schools

Schoolgirls as young as 12 will be taught how to send naked selfies in Victorian schools. The ‘Art of safe sexting’ program is to be rolled out in classrooms to instruct school girls how to ‘safely’ send nude images of themselves, apparently by cropping out their heads and faces and... Read more

26 Jun
Child sex dolls on Wish were just the beginning- it gets worse

Content warning: This post contains content that may be distressing.  Yesterday we exposed budget shopping app Wish selling a range of child sex dolls. We were pleased when the company responded quickly, promising to remove the child sex dolls and take action against the sellers. But then we learned more. How long... Read more

24 Jun
Wish app must stop selling child sex dolls

Update: Wish promises to remove child sex dolls from sale, but what about other replica body parts meant for men's sexual use? Wish has responded in the comment thread on our Facebook post as follows:                            *  * ... Read more

21 Jun
Dad Kenneth took on a high end sex shop in family shopping centre

As you would have noticed, there has been a lot of discussion in recent days about the responsibility of men in challenging harmful behaviour towards women. “Are men welcome to join Collective Shout?” we are asked. “How do you engage men to help challenge harmful cultural messages?” To answer the... Read more

15 Jun
'Win!' DFO Billboard comes down: Help more teens speak out!

Naomi, a 13-year-old Melbourne student, saw this large billboard advertising DFO with the catchline: ‘Starving for Style’. She knew it was wrong, and got her Mum to contact us. ''I knew it was wrong, because it was promoting anorexia, sending a message that you need to be skinny to be fashionable, which... Read more

14 Jun
Why is Frank Body asking young girls for naked selfies?

Free from ‘toxic chemicals.’ Not free from toxic messages Last week, 15 girls aged 14-16, and involved with Fusion Mornington Peninsula’s Real Girls program, took on Australian make-up and skincare brand Frank Body over its lip and cheek ‘Send Nudes’ product.  Fusion Mornington Peninsula June 7 at 5:50pm Dear Frank... Read more

13 Jun
We beat Sexpo: Help us to defeat other giants!

Can you feel the momentum? The mood for change?  Since we launched almost a decade ago, thousands of you have joined the fight for a world free of sexploitation. You have signed our petitions, made complaints, contacted MPs and media. You have added your voice to the collective in Collective Shout. YOUR... Read more

11 Jun
Miss America pageant drops swimsuit competition

Organisers of the Miss America pageant have announced they will scrap both the swimsuit and evening gown portion of the competition. The changes to the pageant came after the Miss America Organisation was faced with their own sexual harassment problem, with chief executive Sam Haskell resigning in December over lewd... Read more

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