25 May
Pushing women to their death is not a joke, but a real-life scenario for too many women

*Content warning: This post contains descriptions of men’s violence against women and may be distressing* This week a supporter contacted us after coming across a disturbing image on Golfporn’s Facebook page. The picture, which showed a woman being kicked off a cliff after suggesting her male partner sell his golf... Read more

24 May
Kids movie Show Dogs accused of grooming children for sexual abuse

*UPDATE: CNN has reported the film will undergo edits to remove the objectionable content!*  Child advocates have accused new kids film Show Dogs of sending “a troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse”. The film was released in the US last week, and is not scheduled to be released... Read more

23 May
Ad Standards uphold complaints against sexist NGU Real Estate video, but fail to grasp harms of sexual objectification

Earlier this year, Ad Standards announced long awaited changes to the AANA Code of Ethics regarding the use of sexual appeal in advertising. We welcomed the updated code as a step in the right direction, hoping that the change would result in more complaints against sexist and sexually exploitative advertising being upheld.... Read more

22 May
‘Beat the p***y up’- the way we talk about sex with women

‘Beat the p***y up’ – the way we talk about sex with women  By Jessica Eaton  This blog contains a discussion of violent language to discuss sex, sexual violence and porn. It also contains the titles to real porn films that a lot of people may find disturbing. Please take... Read more

21 May
Increasing numbers of men seeking treatment for compulsive porn use

Men’s compulsive pornography use has led to increasing numbers seeking treatment, reported the Evening Standard: One Harley Street clinic has reported a 100 per cent rise in referrals in the past six years. The rise is partly blamed on the volume of high-speed streaming sites that offer hardcore content. Harley... Read more

18 May
Cheerleaders required to pose nude, “pimped out” to male sponsors

According to the New York Times, NFL cheerleaders were required to pose nude and act as escorts for male sponsors. Photo: Patrick Smith, Getty Images In a calendar shoot in 2013, cheerleaders had been required to pose topless or only in body paint while a group of male sponsors and... Read more

14 May
Slavery is real and we will fight it, says NSW parliament

Australia’s first Modern Slavery Bill passed through the NSW Legislative Council earlier this month. MLC Paul Green, who lead the charge for the new legislation praised the NSW state’s upper house for their support: “In Australia there is well over 4000 cases of human trafficking with many remaining hidden in plain... Read more

11 May
#ToddlerBikini: Parents need to be aware of risks of photo sharing

The Child Rescue Coalition has warned parents about the risks of posting intimate photos of their children, as well as using certain hashtags that can be accessed and misused by predators. It is a reminder to parents to take great care when posting images of their children on social media, to... Read more

10 May
UK study shows most boys think online pornography is realistic

“Well you see what is happening in porn and you almost get worried about other peoples relationships and it puts me off having any future relationships as it is very male dominated and not romantic or trusting - or promoting good relationships.” - states a thirteen-year-old girl. According to new... Read more

10 May
Collective Shout victory against Sexpo a win for children’s rights

We are very pleased to report that we have successfully defended our movement against legal threats from Sexpo, with the Federal Court in Brisbane dismissing an application  brought against Collective Shout by Sexpo Limited. Sexpo Limited was also ordered to pay Collective Shout’s costs. It was in May 2017 that... Read more

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