24 Sep
Calling on Media to #Askhermore at AFL Brownlow Medal 2018

The annual Brownlow Medal award ceremony will be held tonight to celebrate the sporting accomplishments of AFL players. The Brownlow red carpet highlights a larger trend in the media, where women can be regarded as purely decorative. Wives and Girlfriends of players (identified collectively as WAGS) are observed and celebrated... Read more

21 Sep
Ad Standards green lights more mobile strip club ads

The panel considered that the relevant audience for this advertisement would be broad and include children.  However, the best interests of children were disregarded because the sex trade has a right to promote its business, sexually objectifying and exploiting women. Read more

21 Sep
Toothbrush company tries to apologise for 'spit or swallow' ad; fails

"We are really sorry if anyone has been offended" Read more

17 Sep
NZ survey finds sexual violence on the rise due to porn

"Pornography is now the main sex educator for young people" Read more

17 Sep
Collective Shout responds to common defences of Honey Birdette sexploitation

Honey Birdette is a serial sexploitation offender. The sex shop, located in shopping centres around the country, has attracted hundreds of complaints for its sexist advertising. Ad Standards has investigated complaints over almost thirty separate advertisements, upholding half, but Honey Birdette continues to sexually objectify women. Last year, father and... Read more

05 Sep
Enough is Enough! Westfield must act now.

Shoppers continue to #boycottwestfield over their lack of action regarding banned Honey Birdette posters Guest blog post from "one angry mum" Parenting is hard at the best of times. You want to make the right decisions for your kids so that they grow up to be well rounded, compassionate, kind... Read more

03 Sep
Submission on the ​Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 ​and Online Content Scheme Reviews

Collective Shout: for a world free of sexploitation welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the reviews of the Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 and Online Content Scheme. Australian children are growing up in a digital, interactive, internet-enabled society and culture. While the benefits of such connectivity can be... Read more

27 Aug
Brave Shave

In the words of my personal hero, "it is finished". The deed is done. My hair is gone.With your support and that of my family, friends, and the fabulous team at SHE Hair Ink, I've shaved my head, laid bare my soul, and raised vital funds for a cause that... Read more

24 Aug
Collective Shout’s submission to the Modern Slavery Bill 2018 (Provisions)

Collective Shout has contributed a submission to the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Bill 2018. The drafted federal Bill was introduced to the House of Representatives in June 2018, which shortly follows NSW’s Modern Slavery Bill being passed through the NSW Legislative Council in the same month. Collective Shout acknowledges the government’s... Read more

23 Aug
Predatory cosmetic surgery barbarians must be made accountable for the harm they cause

Stop the mutilation of women’s bodies for profit! If you missed ABC Four Corners searing expose of Australia’s cosmetic surgery industry and its callous disregard for the health and wellbeing of women, you really should take a look. You will see how the cosmetic surgery industry preys on the body... Read more

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