11 Dec
Study finds sexual objectification in advertising harms women

Women’s Health Victoria study finds that sexualisation and objectification of women in advertising is increasing and has a negative impact on their health and wellbeing Read more

08 Dec
Wicked Campers "undo decades of advocacy and women's empowerment"

Wicked Campers slammed in South Australian Parliament The following is taken from the Second Reading of the Motor Vehicles (Offensive Advertising) Amendment Bill in South Australia. The Hon Zoe Bettison, member for Ramsay, spoke in support of proposed legislation to deregister Wicked Campers if they do not abide Ad Standards... Read more

07 Dec
Child Instagram Models: 'Deleting Penis Photos' Is A 'Full Time Job'

Collective Shout quoted in 10 Daily article 10 daily forwarded several photographs of Australian Instagram models aged between nine and 15 to Collective Shout. It's a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls.“I searched for a couple of images and found them on porn... Read more

06 Dec
Tumblr bans all pornography after failure to stop child abuse images

Tumblr Apps banned from the App Store after child sexual abuse material was found Read more

06 Dec
Girlfriend throws teen readers under a bus with naked Kourtney Kardashian men’s mag pics

What happened to your body image and self-respect policies Girlfriend mag? In the year 2013, I wrote the ‘Girl Mag Watch’ reviews for Generation Next, which were published on the website of the youth mental health social enterprise and in its newsletters to thousands of subscribers. I reviewed Girlfriend and Dolly (an example of a review... Read more

05 Dec
Sexist and degrading: Wicked Campers slogans should be banned

Susanne Legena, CEO of children’s rights organisation Plan International Australia writes about the private members bill to deregister Wicked Camper vans that violate Ad Standards. Read more

03 Dec
"Nothing says romance like choking on a ...."

This is why we need legislation against Wicked Campers. Ad Standards has upheld complaints against a Wicked Camper van emblazoned with the slogan “Nothing says romance like choking on a d*ck because you’re choosing his penis over air. Now that’s love.” According to Mumbrella, complainants argued the vans were “highly... Read more

02 Dec
Keep the pressure up

The petition calling on shopping centres to take action on Honey Birdette's porn-themed ads has garnered over 70,000 signatures. Keep the pressure up! Sign the petition here. If you have signed the petition please share it with your family and friends. We want Westfield and the other major shopping centres... Read more

30 Nov
How is this allowed at shopping centres?

By Sherele Moody, founder of the RED HEART Campaign dedicated to fighting violence against women and children. Read the full article at the Courier Mail.  I can only imagine what is said during a Honey Birdette marketing meeting. Perhaps the conversation goes something like this: “Hey, let’s put a photograph of... Read more

29 Nov
Girlfriend Magazine to teen girls: 'Kourtney Kardashian poses butt naked on Instagram and we're feeling it'

We're not feeling it  Read more

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