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Frank Body

Cross ‘em off your Christmas List: Corporate Sexploitation Offenders of 2020

They don’t deserve your Christmas dollar: Give these companies a miss this year!

Cross' em off your Christmas list

Corporate Sexploitation Offenders of 2019 Give these sexist companies a miss this Christmas!

Beauty retail giant Mecca accused of bullying staff

Former employees share experiences on Instagram

Mecca silence on criticism over ‘send nudes’ product

Breaking news: Mecca added to 'Crossed Off' list for 2019! In October last year we formally reached out to Mecca CEO, Jo Horgan asking them...

Cross 'em off your Christmas list: Corporate Sexploitation Offenders of 2018

Our annual list of corporate offenders who don’t deserve your Xmas dollar! As our loyal supporters know each year in the lead up to Christmas,...

Mecca: stop stocking Frank Body 'Send Nudes' cosmetics

We recently called out skincare company Frank Body over their 'Send Nudes' lip and cheek tint, a product that through its name serves to normalise...

Dear Frank Body, treating women as body parts isn't empowering

A few months back, we called out skincare company Frank Body over their cosmetic product ‘Send Nudes’. The product, a lip and cheek tint, features...

Why is Frank Body asking young girls for naked selfies?

Free from ‘toxic chemicals.’ Not free from toxic messages

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