Fresh Boost

Fresh Boost

After Fresh One came under fire for their pornographic Facebook advertisements, Fresh Boost, the company that owns Fresh One, back-pedalled quickly in an attempt to distance their brand from the Fresh One PR disaster. Fresh Boost set about deleting Facebook posts, tweets and website content where they had promoted Fresh One as 'our own' brand. Fresh Boost even went so far as threatening to sue complainants.

We were able to screen capture various bits and pieces before Fresh Boost was able to delete them all.

Fresh Boost used twitter to promote Fresh One coffee beans:


Fresh Boost's website promotes Fresh One coffee beans, described as "our own specially blended range".


A Fresh Boost promotional video on Youtube referenced Fresh One coffee beans, "their own brand". The video has since been deleted.


Despite Fresh Boost's attempt to delete any evidence of Fresh One, a google search still shows content from their website.



A website for customers to review the products and services of Fresh Boost includes a reference to their Fresh One coffee beans.


Finally, from Fresh Boost's own website, here is an ad complete with logo, the same logo that obscures a naked woman's anus on Fresh One's Facebook page. 


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