Goodbye Zoo Weekly, you won't be missed

We were pleased to report that after our successful campaign to get sexploitation mag Zoo Weekly out of Coles supermarkets Bauer Media announced the sexist lads mag was closing. 

This week Zoo Weekly released their last edition ever. We're glad that pornographers will have one less outlet now to push porn to underage boys. See content from inside Zoo mag (warning, graphic).

ABC's Media Watch referenced our campaign, quoting Collective Shout's Laura Pintur.


Click here to view the video.

From Media Watch:

In May a young woman called Laura Pintur began a campaign backed by Collective Shout to persuade Coles and Woolworths to take Zoo off their shelves on the grounds that it was fostering hostile and aggressive attitudes to women:

“LAURA PINTUR: A British university compared lads mags with comments from convicted rapists. It found that people could not distinguish the source of the comments. That is, Zoo users’ language practically indecipherable from that of sex offenders. It also asks readers to send in pictures of their girlfriends’ breasts to win a boob job." — The Guardian, 21st May, 2015

Coles stopped selling the magazine two months ago as a result.

And when news then broke of the decision to close Zoo altogether the campaigners were quick to claim the kill.

“Collective Shout takes credit for hastening Zoo’s demise: Coles dumping title was ‘catastrophic for sales’" 
— Collective Shout, 22nd September, 2015

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RIP Zoo Weekly- a vile, repugnant and tasteless publication-

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  • Ron Jeremy
    commented 2015-11-03 17:00:02 +1100
    Oh you guys stop it :), it’s called THE INTERNET M8 GET AROUND IT HAHAHAHAHAHA

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