WIN! Gov to legislate against non-consensual deepfake p*rn

Since 2019 we've been highlighting the harms of deepfake and nudifying apps and calling for their removal. 

Last week the Government finally announced a crackdown on the creation of deepfake p*rnography. reported "That included legislation to outlaw the creation and non-consensual distribution of deepfake – a portmanteau of ‘deep learning’ and ‘fake’ – porn, and the sharing of sexually-explicit material using technology such as artificial intelligence."

From the PM's announcement:

The Albanese Government will introduce legislation to ban the creation and non-consensual distribution of deepfake p*rnography. Digitally created and altered sexually explicit material is a damaging form of abuse against women and girls that can inflict deep harm on victims. The reforms will make clear that creating and sharing sexually explicit material without consent, using technology like artificial intelligence will be subject to serious criminal penalties.

This is just one step in the war against user generated artificial intelligence that serves to harm women and children. There's so much more to achieve. Over the coming months we will share more about our campaign against harmful AI - porn's new superweapon.

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  • Coralie Alison
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