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Head Shave Fundraiser

Dear family, friends, and supporters of Collective Shout,  

Allow me to be brief. Yes, I am well. And, while I intend to lose my hair, I’ve not lost my mind. Inspired by a number of men and women, I’ve decided to lop my locks for a worthy cause. 

A few years ago, I came to Collective Shout disillusioned by the normalisation of raunch culture, the sexual objectification and commodification of women and their bodies in mainstream media, and the propagation of the myth that insists “successful” and “empowered” women must be sexy.  

I was hurt. I was livid. And I was hungry for change. 

Since meeting with and working alongside the inspiring team at Collective Shout, I’ve become heartened at the fact that there are others who see this and perceive it for the violence that it is, that there are others who are willing to make a stand for the dignity of women and girls, and that there are others who see the inherent worth of the individual instead of placing such great weight on physical appearance. 

We are more than the way we look or appear to look–    

We are our kindness and generosity; 

We are our humour and wit;

We are our dedication and enthusiasm;

We are our love;

We are.

To all the naysayers, I say, “Yes, my profile may be awful according to the stringent parameters by which a woman’s worth is calculated in and by mainstream society, but I don’t care.” 

I know I won’t rock the buzz cut like Cara Delevingne, Charlize Theron, or Natalie Portman, but my hope is that you’ll help the dedicated team at Collective Shout continue to rock at the remarkable work they do by sponsoring my “madness”. 



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Elyse Asher
Dom Curk
Adriana Grubesic
Ivana Buljubasic
Vanessa Buljubasic
Marina Grace
Violeta Buljubasic
Kylie Clarke
Alysha Jakobi
Who's donating: Elyse from Sydney , Australia recently donated - Thank you!

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  • Adriana Grubesic
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  • Ivana Buljubasic
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  • Vanessa Buljubasic
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  • Marina Grace
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  • Violeta Buljubasic
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  • Kylie Clarke
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  • Alysha Jakobi
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Lingerie football dropped

Collective Shout was one of many voices calling for Channel 7 to end their sponsorship of Lingerie Football. Collective Shout is grateful for your partnership to help stop the promotion of this sexist and degrading sport.

Explicit rap artist cancels tour

Australian women and girls breathed a sigh of relief after Tyler, The Creator cancelled his tour following a Collective Shout letter to the immigration department.

Zoo Weekly closed down

Thanks to friends like you, a petition calling on Coles and Woolworths to stop selling ‘lads mag’ Zoo Weekly has led to the closing down of the all-ages pornographic magazine.

Our young people are suffering rising rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and body hatred. 58% of girls receive uninvited sexually explicit material (texts, video clips, pornography), 70% are harassed online. Sexualisation, objectification and a deluge of pornography are major drivers of these negative physical and mental health outcomes. 

Last year with your help we shut down major ad campaigns that objectify and sexualise girls and spoke to thousands of students. Your generous gift will help stop more sexualised media and prevent its harmful effects on young people. 

From Our Supporters