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A Facebook supporter alerted us to this article appearing in the Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser. A 'Hooters' restaurant chain will be opening up and situated at the entrance to Campbelltown.

Mayor Paul Lake, quoted in the Campbelltown MacArthur Advertiser obviously doesn't get it
Mayor Paul Lake said he had been to a Hooters restaurant in Miami years ago and said it had good food and a good atmosphere. "I'm quite sure it will do very well and I think it will get good patronage there," he said.

Councillor Meg Oates understands the issue
But Councillor Meg Oates said she didn't think having the restaurant so close to family eateries and the Campbelltown Skate Park was a good idea.

"It's appalling, I just don't like the concept of it," Cr Oates said.

"I think it's seen as pretty sleazy, not somewhere you'd take your teenager for a family dinner."

I do wonder whether people would be so defensive of Hooters if it were called 'Breasts' or 'Tits' family restaurant. Would we be talking about the good food and atmosphere then? Or would we be more honest about what this restaurant actually is, a place for men to objectify and sexually harass women.  In fact, sexual harassment is built into the job description. A 'Hooters' employee handbook requires employees to agree to these terms:

The Hooters concept is based on female sex appeal and the work environment is one in which joking and entertaining conversations are commonplace and I do not find my job duties, uniform requirements, or work environment to be offensive, intimidating, hostile, or unwelcome.

Sexual harassment is part of the job and as an employee, you cannot complain.

Hooters has previously classified itself as 'Adult Entertainment' yet in other contexts has insisted it is a 'Family Restaurant.'


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