Hotel chain cancels RSD 'pick up' artist events

"We have a proud culture of supporting women"

An Australian Hotel Chain has cancelled bookings for "Real Social Dynamics" pick-up artist Jeff Allen.

Following pressure on the Immigration Minister to revoke Jeff Allen's visa via a petition (now with over 65000 signatures) Real Social Dynamics announced that Australian events had been cancelled. 


Nobody believed them.  

Activists questioned Vibe Hotels about whether they would be hosting future RSD events. The hotel chain discovered that RSD events had been booked under a different name and took action.



A spokesperson for TFE which runs Vibe Hotels told Buzzfeed news that staff would continue to be vigilant:

“We found out they were booking under a different name and we ordered the hotel to cancel their booking and sent an announcement to hotel managers to look out for any of these bookings and cancel them”

This is a great example of corporate social responsibility. We hope other venues will follow Vibe hotels lead by refusing to host RSD seminars. 

Click here to read more about the petition calling for Jeff Allen's visa to be revoked

Click here to sign the petition


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