'How to talk to a woman wearing headphones' Clue: Just Don't

Recently an article on The Modern Man was released with advice for men on how to talk to a woman who is wearing headphones. It included conversation starters and common mistakes to avoid. 


Caitlin spoke to Huffington Post and set the record straight:

Caitlin Roper, a campaigner for women’s rights group Collective Shout, says the article gives men advice that may intimidate women who are alone. 

“In the PUA (pick up artist) community women are regarded as sexual conquests and men taught to use trickery and even manipulation in order to ‘get’ women. It’s problematic to begin with,” she tells The Huffington Post UK.

“The entire premise of the article is misguided- it may as well be renamed as ‘how to talk to a woman who obviously has no interest in speaking to you’.

“Many women have experienced some form of street harassment or abusive treatment, others are acutely aware of the possibility of such treatment from men when they leave their homes.

“Women often take various precautions to avoid unwanted attention from men in the public space, and one of these is wearing headphones simply to prevent men from approaching them.”

Roper adds that the “last thing we need” is to “equip men with more ways to push women’s boundaries, rather we need to equip them with the knowledge that women do not owe strange men their time and attention, they do not exist to boost men’s egos”.

“Advances from strange men are not as charming as one might think,” she says.

“If you spot a woman wearing headphones, leave her alone.”



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