Why Do Hundreds of Men Want to Rape and Kill Coralie Alison?

After Tyler the Creator tagged Coralie Alison in a Tweet claiming he had been banned from entering Australia, our Operations Manager was subjected to an onslaught of vile abuse and rape and death threats from his fans. Award-winning journalist Victoria A. Brownworth wrote this piece in Curve magazine in response.


*Content warning*


Why Do Hundreds of Men Want to Rape and Kill Coralie Alison?

by Victoria A. Brownworth

I’m used to seeing attacks on feminists I know on Twitter. I’m used to reporting those attacks when I see them and tweeting solidarity to whomever is being victimized. But even I, a seasoned veteran of Twitter misogyny, was unprepared for what I saw the night of July 27 on Twitter.

Tweet after tweet after tweet, each more violent than the next attacking Coralie Alison, Director of Operations at Collective Shout, a non-profit in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to “a world free of sexploitation”–something all women and girls need.

I’ve tweeted with Coralie for a couple of years. She’s young, focused and gets stuff done. She’s the kind of feminist you want working on real-world issues.

One of the real-world issues of sexploitation she and Collective Shout have been addressing is misogyny in music–something the U.S. has just thrown up its hands over.

In June, Coralie and Collective Shout called on the Australian Immigration Minister to revoke rapper Tyler, The Creator’s (real name, Tyler Okonma) visa based on his violently anti-woman lyrics and his actions on a previous tour to Australia. Tyler was scheduled to perform in Australia in September.

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That’s when the mayhem began. Even though there was no ban on Tyler–no decision has been made on his visa–the singer decided to tell his fans that there was. Then he sat back and watched the show.

In a statement responding to the tweet and the aftermath, Frontier Touring said: “The department for immigration has raised issues with the visa application, but it has not been refused and Frontier will update ticket holders as soon as more information comes to hand.”)

It took only minutes for Tyler’s fans to respond to his tweet blaming Coralie for banning him. Then the orchestrated attacks on her began.


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Read the full article at Curve Magazine. 

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