Input for UN Human Rights Council SR VAWG's report on violence against women and prostitution

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide input into the Special Rapporteur’s report on violence against women and prostitution.

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In our submission, we made the following points:

  • Prostitution is being hidden through illegal brothels and massage parlours, as well as online platforms like OnlyFans, social media, web camming and “sugar” dating.
  • Asian women are overrepresented in Australia’s sex industry.
  • Male violence – by pimps, brothel owners and male buyers - against women is endemic to prostitution, with some men raping and murdering women.
  • The links between pornography and prostitution. Women are sold into the sex industry including into the production of pornography. Pornography fuels demands for more women to be sold in brothels and related establishments. Men's sexual preferences are shaped by the porn they consume. Pornography is filmed prostitution.

Read our full submission here.

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