James Franco, Pornographer

Oscar-nominated actor produces violent pornography documentary


Today marks the national premiere of the much- anticipated Disney film Oz: The Great and Powerful, starring James Franco. James Franco’s past film credits include his Oscar-nominated role in 127 Hours, Tristan and Isolde and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, among others.


Now Franco can add a new credit to his name- pornographer.

James Franco is the producer of pornographic documentary Kink, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The title Kink refers to a BDSM porn website, where extreme violence against women and torture are the norm. Common acts include non-simulated actual footage of rope, metal and wood bondage, underwater suffocation torture, electric shocks, sex with machinery, gang rape, slave training and public humiliation.

Promotional material for the website:

 “In our videos you will watch as some of the best riggers in the business bind, torture and f*ck gorgeous women”

“paddled, caned and flogged until their bodies are marked and red”

“Pushing the very limits of their endurance and pain tolerance”

“a descending mob…leaves no chance of escape”

Gail Dines, sociologist and author of Pornland writes on Counterpunch:

”The women, like others who enter porn, are young and often don’t know the full extent of what will happen on the set, and cannot anticipate the lasting psychological and emotional effects. The ultimate lie of Kink is that it claims to do candid interviews with the women at the end of the scene so they can show how much they enjoyed the “sex.” This is like asking sweatshop laborers to talk about how happy they are to be working for some multinational corporation as the CEO films the interview.” Read more here.

Porn star Aurora Snow shared her traumatic experience making a Kink film.

“They are a company that looks for the moment when a girl has been mentally and at times physically pushed too far; the borderline of tears and pain. Sometimes talent leaves with giant bruises that take weeks to disappear.”

“The scenes will push a girl over the edge. It’s standard practice on set to take breaks in between filming and during these breaks the talent is fawned, told how amazing they are, catered to, etc. It makes for a very confusing experience when trying to evaluate one's own feelings about what’s really happening.”

See images of a bruised woman taken after a Kink shoot here. (WARNING, GRAPHIC.)


Why is James Franco using his public platform to promote the extreme violence and actual torture of women? Franco’s “feel-good” documentary normalizes and brings violent pornography to the mainstream.

You can decide whether or not you will give financial support to James Franco’s films.


Boycott James Franco films

Contact James Franco’s Agent, Kami Putnam Heist from Creative Artists Agency  [email protected] ATT: Kami Putnam Heist

Tweet James Franco and Walt Disney Pictures @JamesFrancoTV  @DisneyPictures using the hashtag #boycottfranco

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