KFC issues non-apology over sexist ad

KFC has issued a non-apology: In a short statement issued on Tuesday, KFC said: “We apologise if anyone was offended by our latest commercial. Our intention was not to stereotype women and young boys in a negative light.

KFC what was the intention? You know what stereotypes are, did you believe they were positive stereotypes for women and young boys?

A sincere apology for your actions and clarity on pulling the ad would be preferable to apologising for other people’s reactions.

As reported in The Guardian:

KFC has apologised for an ad in Australia that shows two young boys staring with their mouths agape as a woman adjusts her breasts.

The apology was issued after Collective Shout, an Australian group which campaigns against the objectification of women, labelled the ad “a regression to tired and archaic stereotypes where young women are sexually objectified for male pleasure”.

The 15-second ad features a young woman checking her reflection in the tinted windows of a parked car, apparently not realising anyone is inside the vehicle.

Yesterday we published our media release and have been featured in Mumbrella, Herald Sun, The Guardian, Daily Mail, News.com.au, 7News, Sky News and many other news sites as well as radio interviews. 

Take action! If you have seen these ads lodge a formal complaint with Ad Standards. We show you how here

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