KFC claims "no control" over showing sexualised content to kids

For some time now thousands of parents have been calling on McDonald's family restaurant to implement a policy regarding family friendly TV content after many of their children were exposed to sexualised music videos in their stores. 

Now KFC has been found to be doing the same. 


In an email to our Director of Operations, Coralie Alison, a KFC representative said they had "no control" over the content.

Yet KFC has chosen to place TV's in their store and they have chosen to put that particular channel on. 

How is it that corporates who are happy to profit off the everyday families can so easily wash their hands clean of any responsibility when it comes to the content they are exposing young children to. 

Years of research have shown that exposure to sexually objectifying portrayals of women can lead to:

  • Higher levels of body dissatisfaction
  • Greater support of sexist beliefs
  • Greater tolerance of sexual violence toward women

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  • Frank Lee
    followed this page 2016-10-21 16:48:23 +1100

You can defend their right to childhood

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