Let them wear shorts: Petition Decision Makers

Let them wear shorts: Petition Decision Makers

International Handball Federation

Executive Committee Members

Dr Hassan Moustafa (President), Joel Delplanque (1st Vice-President), Anna Rapp (Treasurer), Frantisek Taborsky (Executive Committee Member), Narcisa Lecusanu (Executive Committee Member)

Council Members

Dr Mansourou A Aremou (Vice-President Africa), Bader Al-Theyab (Vice-President Asia), Michael Wiederer (Vice-President Europe; *President, EHF), Per Bertelsen (Commission Of Organising And Competitions Chairman), Ramón Gallego (Playing Rules And Referees Commission Chairman), Dietrich Spate (Commission Of Coaching And Methods Chairman), François Gnamian (Medical Commission Chairman), Charles Omboumahou (Representative Africa), Yoshihide Watanabe (Representative Asia), Predrag Boskovic (Representative Europe; **First Vice President, EHF), Mario Garcia De La Torre (Representative North America and Caribbean), Ricardo Blas (Representative Oceania), Marcel Mancilla Bravo (Representative South and Central America)

European Handball Federation

Executive Committee

*Michael Wiederer (President), **Predrag Boskovic (First Vice-President), Henrik La Cour (Vice-President Finances), Bozidar Djurkovic (Chairman, Competitions Commission), Pedro Sequeira (Chairman, Methods Commission), Gabriella Horvath (Chairwoman, Beach Handball Commission), Stefan Lövgren (Member), Francisco V. Blàzquez Garcia (Member), Franc Bobinac (Member), Bente Aksnes (Member), Mark Schober (Member), Nodjialem Myaro (Member), Gerd Butzeck (Member)

IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa and EHF President Michael Wiederer

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