Lowenbrau Keller ad campaign objectifies women, promotes sexual harassment

Sydney German themed restaurant Lowenbrau Keller sexually objectifies women to promote its venue

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[UPDATE] Ad Standards Board ok with Lowenbrau Keller sexually objectifying women - click to read the case report

Social media and outdoor ads feature images depicting waitresses wearing low cut traditional bavarian dress. Sleazy double entendres are used to compare the serving size of food and beverages with the size of women's breasts.

Through this advertising, Lowenbrau Keller reinforces sexist attitudes and invites patrons to view female staff as sexual objects, exposing them to sexual harassment.

“Live it Large” and “Wunderbra” - seen on Sydney buses - sends the message to an audience of all ages that women are to be valued for their sexualised body parts. Another advertisement “Make mein a dubbel” suggests the two women shown might be part of the menu.




A YouTube ad for Oktoberfest in Australia produced by the Urban Purveyor group and promoting Bavarian Bier Cafe, Lowenbrau Keller and Munich Bauhaus depicts ‘bavarian beauties training for Oktoberfest.’ The camera pans up and down the womens bodies and zooms in on their body parts as they run along the beach and perform exercises and stretches.


Do these venues have such little confidence in their own product that they must instead draw attention to their waitresses breasts?

Lowenbrau Keller responded to criticism stating that the ads use "popular anglicised German phrases which are fun play-on words." Addressing claims that the venue was inviting sexual harassment of staff, management claimed:

"the last impression we want to give is that you can come to our restaurant and stare at our waitresses' breasts..."

"The last impression..." Really? This "fun play on words" looks like a direct invitation to do exactly that:


Fan comments on social media are exactly what you'd expect in response to a business that treats women this way.  “Big tits” …. “very nice jugs” … “this is what you will see on Saturday night big ass “beers” can’t wait.”



This is not the first time the Urban Purveyor Group has used women's bodies to promote its venue. Last year the Bavarian Bier Cafe was pressured into removing advertising that compared women's breasts with pork ribs, using the hashtag slogan #bestrack on social media and outdoor advertising. 

Viewing these advertisements it is hard to believe it is 2015. There is a growing awareness in the community that sexual objectification and sexist attitudes underpin the epidemic of violence against women in Australia. The Urban Purveyor Group and associated restaurants need to get out of the dark ages and start treating women and girls with the respect they deserve. 

dailymail_logo.pngDaily Mail - Does this ad make you angry or want a beer? Feminist group slams as sexist a pub campaign using well-endowed waitresses

The Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge is a statement of intention by an organisation to be respectful of women and girls in advertising and marketing. We are looking for organisations to take the pledge - click here.

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  • Melinda Liszewski
    commented 2016-03-22 11:12:12 +1100
    Ross please read articles before you bother commenting on our campaigns. At no point have we tried to ‘ban beer from Oktoberfests’ neither have we run campaigns about any of the other issues you’ve mentioned because we ’don’t like it.’

    I have similar advice to you – if you don’t like our campaigns, please don’t look. I would hate for you to burn your retinas.
  • Ross
    commented 2015-07-30 10:16:14 +1000
    Nope. Stop making unsubstantiated claims and feeding outrage culture. This petulance really has to go.

    For an encore how about trying to ban beer from Octoberfests? Why not? You could say that you do not like beer so therefore no one else should drink it (kind of like the whole you do not like listening to Tyler so he should not come here and have his fans, who want to listen to him – the choice of listening to him OR you do not like Zoo Magazine so you want to ban males from the choice of reading them OR you do not like the adult rated GTA5 game so you want to ban that from Target and Kmart so adults choosing to buy it there can’t -. Do you notice a pattern?). Actually No, has to be more convincing. Say "Some people turn nasty after drinking and drink too much and therefore are likely to abuse their partners (men vs men, men vs women, women vs women, and women vs men violence). Therefore in an effort to stop solely male on female violence (oh to Hell with the startling women on women violent partner problem or the hidden female on male violence ….not part of the narrative) we have to stop Octoberfest which are OBVIOUSLY just a Patriarchal, rape culture enabling, violent celebration of ….who really knows? (You guys are so much better at this than me but I think I made a start for you)

    What is the traditional serving costume worn by the people that would traditionally serve beers in an Octoberfest? Think about it.

    So…keep that train of thought….if Octoberfest has been strongly associated with Beer Gardens and Beer Halls in Germany with Steinglasses and Tankards and German Beer and Buxom serving girls with Traditional German serving clothes that extenuate their breasts then WHY THE HELL CHANGE IT FOR YOU?

    Seriously? Why?

    Don’t like it don’t go.

    Don’t see fun and have the moral righteousness of a Puritan? Then don’t go. Don’t burn you very retinas on viewing a girl in a Bavarian costume. I know her breasts with upset you so don’t look. I also advise you not to go to a strip club. Actually for that matter do not go to female locker rooms, you may actually see women completely nude and not just with clothing extenuating their figure.

    I will give you the tip here. Your views and your values are no better or worse than anyone else’s. No one is forcing you to go places you don’t want or do things you don’t want. So stop trying to nanny everyone else. We do not need your help or understanding and are better off enjoying ourselves without you interfering

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