Lululemon forced to remove shop front window slogan following complaints

As reported by the Courier Mail:

New to Queensland shopping malls, up-market lifestyle and athletic brand Lululemon ruffled a few feathers last week with a slogan emblazoned across its shopfront at Carindale shopping centre which declared “Yoga improves your snatch”.

“It’s hard to understand why Lululemon would think that a double entendre with a vulgar reference to women’s genitalia would sell fitness apparel,” said Melinda Liszweski from Collective Shout, a group that fights against sexploitation.

“This advertising shows a complete lack of respect, not only for customers and those walking past the store, but their own staff,” she said.

A Lululemon company spokeswoman admitted the store used the offending word knowing its cheeky connotations. Carindale centre management stepped in and had the slogan removed. Click here to read the full story


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  • Violeta Buljubasic
    commented 2018-06-26 11:21:17 +1000
    I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. This is appalling.

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