Lynx Hits a New Low

Lynx now include women in their range of products at the "Lynx Lodge."

We already know that Lynx produces some of the most sexist and degrading advertising you can find (or rather - finds you). So I'm not sure why I was surprised  to hear that Lynx is opening a resort called "The Lynx Lodge."

As reported in the Courier Mail:

The Lynx Lodge, set to open later this year in Lake Macquarie, NSW, has been billed as the “ultimate man-cation destination”.

A team of models will make up the “friendly and flexible” lodging staff and will offer on-the-spot back rubs, breakfast in bed and “sexy wake-up calls”.

“From grabbing your wood on the golf course through to getting filthy on a dirt bike, every day at the Lynx Lodge will leave you utterly shagged,” the website states.

Evening entertainment will include mud wrestling and games of Twister.

Lynx is holding a competition to mark the launch of the resort, where the winner will get to stay at the resort with seven friends.

If you're still using Lynx deodorants or buying them for the men or boys in your family, the time to boycott Lynx is now.

You might also like to let Lynx know what you think, which you can do through Unilever's website.

Tell Lynx:

    • You've had enough of their sexist and degrading advertising.
    • The Lynx Lodge is degrading to women.
    • Most importantly - you won't purchase Lynx anymore and where possible, will avoid other Unilever brands too.*

*Unilever is the parent company for Lynx as well as a number of other brands. If you choose to boycott Unilever brands, look for this Unilever logo on the label.

You can also view a list of Unilever's brands at their website. (Yes, this is the brand which own's Dove which produces the 'campaign for real beauty.' Perhaps they should rename it 'campaign for real profits!')


Melinda Tankard Reist has written about the Lynx promotion for the Lynx Lodge - 'pop up spas' in Sydney's Martin Place and Woolworths promotion of the Lynx Lodge.

Why would Woolworths associate itself with the objectification of women?


three lynx girls

It’s not news that Lynx’s revels in degrading representations of women to promote its body spray.

I’ve talked about their ‘Spray More Get More’ campaign which features women transforming into out-of-control-sex-maniacs the second they smell Lynx on a man.

Collective Shout has also exposed the sexism and misogyny of the Lynx brand in a recent post about the ‘Lynx Lodge’.

But what is new is the discovery that Lynx has the support of one of the world’s biggest supermarket chains – Woolworths. Is Woolies to be known as the women-as-fresh-meat people? Read more here.

Take Action Today!

Write to Unilever

Contact Unilever here. You might wish to make the following points in your letter to Unilever about Lynx and the Lynx Lodge:

    • Tell them you will never buy Lynx. For advanced boycotters, tell them you will avoid purchasing anything with the Unilever logo. (Find the list of Unilever brands here or look for the "U" on the back of the label when you are shopping)
    • Unilever has often claimed that Lynx is offering a fantasy. The Lynx Lodge is offering a reality that is usually found only in the sex industry.
    • The Lynx brand is targeted to teenage boys and men in their early twenties. Lynx is normalising pornography use and prostitution in this age group, which has a detrimental impact on girls and women and on relationships.
    • Girls and women deserve better than to have their equality undermined by irresponsible brands such as Unilever.
    • They can't continue telling girls to love their bodies as they are through Dove, while consistently undermining that message through Lynx. We won't be fooled.

Write to Woolworths about their promotion of the Lynx Lodge

Michael Luscombe is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Woolworths.

Contact Woolworths management, using the telephone, email or postal contacts here.

You might choose to make the following points in your letter to Woolworths:

    • Acknowledge their committment to the community as outlined in their own policy - 'As a member of those communities we understand that we have a duty to be more than just a retail outlet, but to also make a positive impact on the societies that we serve' (this statement found here) 
    • By continuing to sell Lynx, they are selling a brand that objectifies women in all of the marketing and advertising they do. 
    • The Lynx Lodge borders on prostitution, they are promoting a venue which carries all the hallmarks of the sex industry. 

Write to these contacts about the Lynx 'pop up spa.'

Time Out (Where details of the event were advertised)
[email protected]

City of Sydney

Lord Mayor of Sydney
Clover Moore MP,
[email protected]

You might choose to make the following points in your letter about the 'pop up spa':

    • It promotes the idea that women's bodies are their to pleasure men
    • It arouses men before they go to work, increasing the possibility of sexual harassment in the workplace
    • For young boys who see this, it normalises the idea that women provide services with their bodies
    • The pop up spa, promoting the Lynx Lodge is really a promotion of the sex industry
    • It is unfair for people as they pass through the city, to be confronted with an event that would normally be found in an adults only venue such as a strip club.

Contact these members of the Lake Macquarie Council and voice your objection to the Lynx Lodge

Mayor of Lake Macquarie

Mr Greg Piper, MP

92 Victory Parade
Phone (02) 4959 3200
Fax (02) 4950 4076
Email: [email protected]

Councillor Jodie Harrison (ALP)
Address: c/- Lake Macquarie City Council
Box 1906 Hunter Region Mail Centre 2310
Mobile: 0428 141 029
Email: [email protected]

Councillor Paul Scarfe (IND)
Address: c/- Lake Macquarie City Council
Box 1906 Hunter Region Mail Centre 2310
Phone: 02 4956 5356
Mobile: 0412 452 928
Fax: 02 4954 7888
Email: [email protected]

Councillor Anthony Birt (LIB)
Address: c/- Lake Macquarie City Council
Box 1906 Hunter Region Mail Centre 2310
Mobile: 0428 910 290
Email: [email protected]

Councillor Garry Edwards (LIB)
Address: PO Box 18, Belmont, NSW 2280
Mobile: 0428 310 290
Email: [email protected]

As always, please post any complaints you send, or responses you receive in the comments section below.

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