E-commerce platform Made-in-China.com selling sex dolls modelled on toddler girls *Updated: WIN! Scores of child sex abuse dolls gone from MIC

Our investigation uncovers VAST range of child sex abuse dolls

WARNING: Graphic content

We have uncovered a huge range of child sex abuse dolls including replica toddler girls marketed for men's sexual purposes on China-based online shopping platform Made-in-China.com. Some were just 88cm tall and resembled infants. 


We found numerous other listings for the replica female children designed with penetrable orifices for men's simulation of child rape.

The products are listed with descriptors including 'young', 'child', 'girl', 'flat chest', 'real' and 'loli'. The number of penetrable 'holes' - mouth, vagina + anal orifices - is usually listed.

One supplier offers made-to-order replica, penetrable female children based on customer-supplied images. Men can send pics of real children and their team will create child sex abuse dolls from them.

In 2020, a US based mother was alerted to a child sex abuse doll for sale on Amazon which bore a striking resemblance to her daughter Kat. One picture appeared to recreate a photo of her daughter she had previously shared to Facebook. Read more here.

We documented the same child sex abuse doll + promo image on Made-in-China.com. The listing for the 128cm doll included the descriptor 'baby': 'She can please you with her mouth, vagina and anus.'

One Made-in-China supplier offers to send potential buyers 'more sexy photos' of replica toddler girls - in other words, more child sexual abuse material. Suppliers assure buyers that through discreet packaging, their purchases of child sex abuse dolls will stay 'secret'.

'Audited suppliers': Company profiles of child sex abuse doll sellers on Made-in-China.com

Child sex abuse doll sellers offer delivery via TNT, DHL, UPS and FedEx.

According to sellers, payment for the child sex abuse dolls can be made using PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and Credit Cards.

Made-in-China product rankings revealed its most popular 'Adult Toy': a 100cm child sex abuse doll modelled off of a very young girl.

We are calling on Made-in-China to immediately remove all child sex abuse doll listings + permanently ban suppliers.

UPDATE: WIN! Scores of child sex abuse dolls removed from Made-in-China

Just 24-hours after exposing them on Twitter, Made-in-China responded to us to say it was ‘urgently removing these products and improving the review rules to prevent vendors from re-posting them.’

When we checked, dozens of dolls had been removed - including life-like replica toddlers marketed for men's simulation of child rape.

We are pleased to see this action, but Made-in-China has not done enough. There are more child sex abuse dolls for sale, and they have not removed the sellers - suppliers which they claim to have audited!

Meanwhile, MIC apparently expects us to keep tabs on their child sex abuse material, and to report it to them quietly. In their response, they told us:

‘If you find products that violate children in the future, please send us a private message, or report to [email address supplied].’

This is not our job. If MIC cares about children’s safety and well-being, they need to demonstrate it by finding, removing and permanently blocking these products and sellers.

Take action

Tell Made-in-China to STOP selling child sex abuse dolls + block all sellers:

Visit their Facebook page here.

Visit their Twitter account here.

For more evidence, see our Twitter thread here (strong content warning).

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