Media Release: Collective Shout welcomes Big W's decision to bin sexualised LOL dolls

Collective Shout welcomes Big W's decision to remove sexualised LOL [Lil Outrageous Littles] Surprise dolls from sale.

Campaign manager Melinda Liszewski was advised of the decision yesterday evening.

“We have listened to our customers' concerns and have made the decision to remove the range of LOL Surprise #hairvibes dolls from our shelves.

We continue to work closely with our supplier to ensure that future ranges of LOL Surprise at BIG W are consistent with our customer's feedback.”

The move follows growing anger from parents who discovered that some dolls in the current 'Surprise!' range are designed to reveal underwear including bondage-style lingerie, with fishnet stockings and shackles, when dipped in cold water.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW radio yesterday, Collective Shout Ambassador and leading adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg also called for Australian retailers to remove the dolls:

"We shouldn't allow young girls to be sexualised by toys like this because the message they get sent is 'I'm a sexual object.' We're teaching them that they have to be sexy, attractive and subservient in order to be acceptable to men. ... I would like Kmart and Big W to withdraw this product immediately."

Liszewski said the dolls, manufactured by MGA entertainment, demonstrated disrespect for little girls.

"We don't need to dip these dolls in cold water to see that they are sexualised."

"LOL dolls are marketed to little girls aged 3 and up. The way the dolls are designed - heavy make up, sexualised clothing and underwear - mimics the sexualised way adult woman are too often represented in advertising and pop culture."

"Little girls deserve better than this."

We commend Big W for pulling the range and call on Kmart, Target and Coles to follow their lead.

More information here.

Media contact:

Melinda Liszewski
twitter: @MelLiszewski

August 20, 2020

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