Media Release: Flight Attendant slams Honey Birdette

For Immediate Release: Flight Attendant slams Honey Birdette ad campaign sexualising female cabin crew

A flight attendant has slammed advertising from sex shop Honey Birdette that encourages sexual harassment of female cabin crew.

The ad campaign ‘Turbulence’ depicts a fictional airline, with female cabin crew touching and fawning over a lingerie-clad woman.

In a blog post published by Collective Shout, flight attendant Amanda said the Honey Birdette ad campaign reinforced harmful stereotypes of hot female flight attendants:

“It makes me feel objectified. It's not empowering or uplifting, but rather just reinforcing negative stereotypes and negative attitudes towards women in the airline industry. It makes my job harder,” she said.

“I'm surprised that a brand like Honey Birdette whose target market is women would promote their lingerie in such a way that demeans women. Honestly the commercial just looks like they've shot an expensive Pornhub video. It's disappointing.”

The ad campaign comes after research by the Transport Workers Union which found Australian airline cabin crew experience widespread sexual harassment.

The 2018 survey of 400 cabin crew found that 65% of respondents had experienced sexual harassment such as sexualised comments, inappropriate touching and sexual assault. One in five reported more than 10 incidents of sexual harassment.

Collective Shout campaigns manager Caitlin Roper said the ad campaign was particularly reckless and irresponsible given the rampant sexual harassment female cabin crew endure.

“Did Honey Birdette at any point consider how their sexist portrayals of female cabin crew as a porn-themed fantasy might put these women at risk? Do they care?” she asked.

“Honey Birdette claim to be all about empowering women, but they continue to objectify, demean and disempower women.

“Sexualising predatory behaviour towards women and encouraging sexual harassment as they’ve done here, has real-world consequences for women’s lives.”

Media contact:
Caitlin Roper [email protected]

6 May 2020

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