Mossimo Peepshow is 'sexist rubbish'

UPDATE "Naughty Nicole" wins Mossimo's Peepshow competition with her entry, "Mossimo Peepshow = sexist rubbish" Read more below.

A supporter has alerted us to this shop front window display for a Mossimo store.

The promotion is called 'Peepshow.' Through the use of 'peephole' imagery and words like 'strip' on their signage, the promotion makes clear reference to the sex industry and voyeurism.

The message to women here is, you are valued for your appearance and your ability to sexually arouse men. That's your role in society.

The message to men? 'Peeping' at women in their underwear isn't a crime after all, stalking is just a bit of sexy fun and women like it. Look how happy Miss Universe is!

Mossimo-Peepshow.jpgDid we mention 'Miss Universe' is involved?  The Mossimo facebook page has created an app that not only invites you to 'peep' at 'Miss Universe', it also allows users to create their own peepshow. Just upload your photo, allow Mossimo to assign you a ridiculous name like "Naughty Nadia" and you're on your way to winning a prize.

According to their terms and conditions, Mossimo believes this competition is suitable for users aged 16 and above. Soliciting sexy pics from teenagers and giving them an early introduction to sex industry practices is just fine apparently.

What Mossimo doesn't seem to understand is that what they're promoting as a bit of sexy fun, is actually a crime. There are countless examples of women being 'peeped' at and filmed without their knowledge and we have heard of the pain and trauma suffered by these women.

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"Naughty Nicole" hits back


Nicole - or as Mossimo describes her - "Naughty Nicole" has submitted her own entry to the Peepshow competition and we have to say, it's our favourite. It is well in the lead with almost 100 votes. Please vote for Nicole's entry by clicking on the appropriate links below. (Involves 'liking' the Facebook app. Simply delete the app from your Facebook settings after voting for Nicole's pic. Instructions for doing that can be found here.)

Fun Fact: Nicole's original entry said 'Mossimo Peepshow = Sexist Crap.' Mossimo contacted Nicole and said her entry had been removed because it violated Facebook rules for bad language. Who are they kidding?

Take Action!

  • Vote for Nicole's entry to the 'Peepshow' competition here. 
  • [UPDATE] Nicole has competition. Vote for 'Classy Casey' here.
  • Would you like to submit your own photo to the competition with a special message for Mossimo just like Nicole? Follow the instructions on Mossimo's FB app to submit your entry. Let us know if you do this so we can vote for you.
  • If you don't want to take that course of action, do make sure you tell Mossimo what you think of their promotion. You can contact them by clicking on this link.
  • Make a complaint with the Advertising Standards Board here.


Mossimo defends peepshow promotion


"Naughty Nicole" has won Mossimo's Peepshow competition with her entry "Mossimo Peepshow = Sexist Rubbish." Nicole received 304 votes.



Nicole, along with the other protest entries "Classy Casey" (with 'Mossimo Peepshow aka sexist') and "Kinky Kathryn" (wearing a One Angry Girl Shirt - "Please prove your masculinity some other way") received hundreds more votes than other "real" entries.

Together, their entries and your votes sent a strong message that sex industry inspired ad campaigns and the objectification of women is unacceptable. Thanks to all who voted!


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