Myer Rejects Complaints

Myer Rejects Complaints

Myer failed to respond to a petition calling on them to withdraw sexually objectifying in store advertising for Viktor and Rolf perfume.    

The image advertising 'Bonbon' perfume depicts a naked woman 'wrapped' with a body painted ribbon. The ad fails the sexual objectification "Chips Test" by depicting the woman as a commodity, gift wrapped like the perfume being advertised. (Read more about the Chips Test here.)


Myer rejected complaints about advertising for its "Dita Von Teese" range of underwear. Myer used sexually objectifying imagery on free standing advertising panels throughout a Westfield Shopping Centre, including in the food court alongside Mcdonalds. The model pictured - Dita Von Teese - is well known for stripping - "Burlesque" - and has her own lingerie range on this basis. 


  Unsurprisingly, the Advertising Standards Board dismissed the complaint. Read here.

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