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Till the end of May, $3 from every Not for Kids! book purchase via this link will be donated to Collective Shout


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Hi there!

Some conversations are ones that I wish we didn’t have to have and unfortunately, this is one of them.

There’s only one thing worse than kids being exposed to graphic explicit imagery, and that is a child who feels isolated and alone, unprepared for seeing such things and not knowing where to turn. That’s why this month I’ve partnered with Collective Shout to get Not for Kids! children’s book into as many hands as possible!

The work that Collective Shout carries out is essential in pushing back against the onslaught of sexualised culture that our children and young people encounter. But as you would probably be aware, their efforts cannot account for the reality that at a click of a button, children may inadvertently access extremely graphic content online. This is why Not for Kids!children’s book is so essential – to prepare your child to speak with a trusted adult and know how to ask for help. By reading Not for Kids!  with a loved one, children develop an internal filter and become better equipped to navigate the online space.

Perhaps you have questions about the Not for Kids! children’s book. Please take a good look around the Not for Kids! website. A great place to start is by reading the Support Notes and Discussion Questions to learn how important the Not for Kids! children’s book is for kids all over the world.

Till the end of May, $3 from every Not for Kids! book purchase will be donated to Collective Shout to support their invaluable work. Act now to by securing your copy and please make sure you share this unique link with families to help build a better future for our kids.

Be inspired!!
Much love, Liz Walker

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