Objectification is the process by which a person comes to be treated as a commodity or an object for use, rather than a human being with a personality, feelings, needs, dignity and rights.

Sexual objectification is where a person is objectified for the purpose of the sexual gratification or use of another.

In her TedX talk, Dr Caroline Heldman illustrates how the objectification of women has escalated, how we have become inured to its damaging effects and what we can do individually and collectively to demolish the paradigms that keep us from a better world.

More research in Objectification can be found here.

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Racist, violent, misogynist: Does Instagram care about women and girls?

*Content warning: themes and images are distressing A woman slumps in a bathtub full of water, arms tied behind her back, her thighs and ankles...

Media Release: Flight Attendant slams Honey Birdette

For Immediate Release: Flight Attendant slams Honey Birdette ad campaign sexualising female cabin crew

“It makes my job harder”: Flight attendant responds to Honey Birdette pornified ad campaign

“It's not empowering or uplifting, but rather just reinforcing negative stereotypes and negative attitudes towards women in the airline industry.” [UPDATE] More Cabin Crew come...

Ad Standards gives green light to Honey Birdette “ultimate bondage babe” Instagram image

Ad Standards still failing to grasp the concept of sexual objectification

Put respect on the menu: Our call to KFC

Collective Shout's letter to KFC heads KFC's Zinger Popcorn Box ad, which ran on high rotation during the 7 Network 2019-20 Big Bash League cricket...

Women and girls will pay the price for Pornhub's publicity stunts

The high cost of Pornhub's 'free' offer Apparently there’s no end to the lengths the porn industry will go to to legitimise its exploitative practises....

Honey Birdette's corporate misogyny and the men who profit

Sex shop brand's female face a front for male profiteers Sex shop retailer Honey Birdette spouts a great deal about female 'empowerment'. Despite the talk,...

"Blissfully bound”: Honey Birdette eroticisation of violence harms women

Content Warning - sex shop advertising, depicts eroticised violence against women For years, Honey Birdette sex shops have relied on sexist and objectifying representations of...

Collective Shout a "main player" in Classification Review

Earlier this week, online (gaming and entertainment) news outlet Kotaku named Collective Shout’s submission to the review of Australian Classification laws one of the review’s “most important submissions”. Collective...

No, sexualisation does not equal empowerment: our response to JLo

JLo has responded to criticisms over her sexualised SuperBowl 2020 Halftime performance with Shakira.

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