Why is 7News advertising companies selling illegal child sex abuse dolls? An Open Letter


*Update* WIN: 7News pulls piece advertising child sex abuse doll company

Open Letter to 7News

We note a number of articles published on 7news.com.au sharing the accounts of men who claim to be in intimate ‘relationships’ with silicone sex dolls made in the female form.Rod_doll_lap.jpeg

These uncritical pieces, which are promotional in nature, serve to normalise and legitimise men’s use of sex dolls and encourage readers to overlook the inherent sexism and misogyny encoded in these products – replica women and girls for men’s unlimited sexual use. There is no acknowledgement of how women and girls are harmed by the global trade in sex dolls, which is premised on their sexual objectification.

While all of these articles function as advertising for the sex doll industry, the recent article “Aussie tradie Rod is in an ‘intimate’ relationship with a doll named Karina. This is his story” (7 January, 2023) is an overt promotion. The piece directs readers to an Instagram account promoting a Chinese sex doll company which distributes child sex abuse dolls – dolls modelled on little girls, and even toddlers – all marketed for men’s sexual use.

The company sells “flat-chested” child-like dolls as small as 110 cm tall, as well as replica child heads for male sexual use. Some of the dolls appear to be sleeping, to facilitate the paedophilic fantasy of raping a sleeping or unconscious child.

Untitled_design_(8).pngThe company encourages potential buyers to dress up their dolls in school uniforms and tells them “You can think of her as your sister or daughter...Just take her home and enjoy your pleasant time!”


In our investigation, the company confirmed it will customise dolls in the likeness of actual children. Men can send in a photo of a little girl – perhaps one known to them or in their care – and a replica doll complete with penetrable vagina, mouth and anus will be made in her likeness.

Under Australian law, child sex abuse dolls constitute illegal child sexual abuse material. Possession of a child-like doll is punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment. Importation carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison and/or fines up to AUD $525,000. Why is 7News promoting illegal child sexual abuse material?

*Update* WIN


Yesterday we went out on a 7News article which promoted sex dolls and directed readers to a child sex doll seller. Overnight, 7News quietly pulled the piece from its website and removed related social media posts.

While we are celebrating the win, we are also conscious that damage has been done. The sex doll Instagram account has gained hundreds of new followers. How much business did 7News drum up for the child sex abuse doll seller? How many men will go on to purchase replica toddler girls to simulate child rape - and believe it is a normal, acceptable as a result of the piece?

But for now, thanks to all our supporters who joined the call to action. It made all the difference.

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