‘Children free of unforgettable images’: Collective Shout directors share vision for a world free of sexploitation

A world worthy of ours kids: Directors meet to map our future…

At our recent Board strategic planning weekend in Melbourne, Directors were asked to imagine what the world would look like if Collective Shout’s vision of a world free of sexploitation became a reality.

This is what they wrote:

Kim Vanden Hengel (Chair)
  • Beautiful granddaughters having no need to fear the intention of others to harm them
  • Beautiful grandsons never having to see porn or think they have to act aggressively towards others
  • Beautiful grandchildren being free of dark shadows and unforgettable images
  • All children being safe from harm/fear/danger of sexual damage
  • The technology space being used for beauty, creativity, joy and wonder
  • No need to advocate/lobby government or corporates to legislate to redress the dangerous impact of/remove offensive material
  • No advertising which objectifies and sexualises women and girls
  • Choices for women and girls to love and be loved safely and deeply
Corey Langman
  • No sexual violence, only healthy consensual sex always
  • No fear of harassment for women going about ordinary tasks
  • The ability for women and girls to do the things they want to do, like run at night-time
  • Children being able to grow up with their innocence and self-esteem intact
  • No sexual abuse of children and all of its repercussions
  • For women and girls to be respected equally to men, for who they are, and not what they look like, or what they can do to please others
  • Healthy men who respect women
  • Men being respected in their peer groups when they treat women well
  • Children having the emotional, physical and spiritual space to explore who they are, and what they’re interested in without harmful distraction
  • Girls, and women viewing their bodies as the vehicle to live their lives, not things that need to look good
Louise Sadler
  • No prostitution
  • No intimate partner violence
  • No body image issues and eating disorders
  • No profiting from women’s insecurities, it’s okay to be a healthy weight
  • Calling out bad behaviour (everybody does this)
  • Healthy sexual relationships
  • Girl children are valued
  • Women are believed
  • Justice system holds men to account
  • Porn is not in demand, the industry is out of business
  • Women are seen, heard and believed
  • Women feel safe entering spaces where men are gathered
Alex Gorman
  • No sex trafficking
  • Girls are assertive strong and know their boundaries
  • No child or adult sex slaves
  • Women are no longer slaves to fashion
  • Women no longer engage in surgical or other adjustments to their bodies to make themselves more attractive to men
  • There is a male re-education program in relation to understanding and respecting women
  • There are no deaths from domestic violence
  • There are no OnlyFans or porn hub
  • Magazines for women depict “beauty” in its broadest sense not sexual images
  • There is no prostitution
  • There are no rapes
  • There are no paedophiles
  • Schools educate all students on respectful relationships positive interaction and fiercely protect their students from pornography and other harmful material
  • The whole sex industry is given the boot!
Kate Hulusi
  • No billboards promoting naked or nearly naked women
  • Where wages were equal to men
  • Where men called out the bad behaviour of peers
  • Where boys club corporates had female marketers who refused to stereotype woman as sexual objects
  • Where our male leaders in sports, corporates, politics lead by example and promote female voices
  • That woman of shapes, sizes and looks were celebrated and the cosmetic industry was made redundant
  • That girls valued their potential and we’re embraced as change leaders and champions
Tell us: what do you think a world free of sexploitation would look like?

Pic (left to right) Board members Alex Gorman, Kim Vanden Hengel, Corey Langman, Louise Sadler, Kate Hulusi and Campaign Strategy Team members Coralie Alison, Caitlin Roper, Melinda Tankard Reist (Lyn Swanson Kennedy along with administrator Bernie Poljak joined via zoom!).

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A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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