Parents accuse UK retailer of sexualising toddlers with skimpy bikinis

"Let our children be children"

Via the Mirror

UK retailer Primark has been accused of sexualising toddlers by selling frilly, adult-style bikinis for children younger than two.

Young mother Holli Sherratt saw the swimwear while shopping and felt they were inappropriate.


Ms Sherratt said:

“In my eyes it is completely stripping the innocence and childhood of said child. When I first saw the bikini, I instantly thought it was lovely until I realised it was for a child.

“A child should be covered up, protected from the sun and not flaunted as some sort of model. I have a daughter of my own and I want to protect her innocence and let her be a child. I look at this bikini the same way I look at bras that are aimed at young children.”

Children’s campaigners Kidscape have urged the retailer to “let our children be children” and to leave bikinis for a time when girls have breasts and make a choice to wear them.

Primark denied the swimwear is unsuitable, claiming the bikinis are in line with British Retail Consortium guidelines.

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