New petition: Protect Children Not Porn

Help protect MORE children from pornography!

You know we care about protecting kids from pornography. That’s why we’re backing a new petition to Big Tech bosses and US Government officials. Launched by Exodus Cry and addressed to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, President Biden and others, the Protect Children Not Porn Petition calls for:

  1. Age verification for all websites and platforms hosting porn
  2. Default porn filters on devices
  3. Legislation requiring effective online porn protections for children

In June we celebrated a breakthrough after our own Federal Government announced its support for the development of a roadmap for the roll out of an age verification system to help protect children from exposure to online pornography. For over a decade we had been documenting the harms of childhood exposure to pornography and calling for safeguards to prevent children from entering rape, sadism, torture porn and incest sites.  

New age verification laws are on the way in Canada and France.We need more nations to implement this type of legislation. And we need Big Tech companies to take action and stop giving children unfettered access to online porn. It’s time - globally - to put the safety, health and wellbeing of children ahead of the vested interests of the predatory, exploitative online porn industry.

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