Let's see who's stocking Playboy branded products

While many associate Playboy simply with its branded items or magazine, Playboy Enterprises own various adult TV channels and websites, broadcasting brutal, hardcore pornography. Retailers that stock Playboy branded products are helping Playboy to produce and distribute content that objectifies and degrades women

As part of our 'Cross 'em off your Christmas list' campaign we have compiled a list of retailers who are stocking Playboy branded merchandise. The campaign aims to help consumers make ethical Christmas shopping decisions and reject companies that have not demonstrated corporate social responsibility.

A repeat offender on our list this year is Bras'N'Things who currently have nearly 1500 items listed under their Playboy tab on their website. They have often had Playboy displays in their front window within most major shopping centres. 

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Also on our list as a repeat offender is Adairs who in the past have stocked playboy bedlinen and this season are ranging Playboy beach towels. While the designs themselves may not be overtly sexualised in nature Adairs continues to normalise the industry that the Playboy brand represents. 

Priceline are currently stocking 17 items in their Playboy range including perfumes and deodorants


Supermarket giant Woolworths is also stocking a range of Playboy deodorant. (It is important to note that Woolworths also refused to remove sexist Zoo magazine from sale earlier this year while Coles agreed it wasn't family friendly and took action.)

We have also been informed that Target also sell a Playboy male gift set including cologne and a deodorant in cleverly designed fun packaging that would appeal to a youthful consumer. 


And then there's Big W who are selling this DVD from the reality TV show 'Girls of the Playboy Mansion' claiming that the Playboy bunnies lives are 'hilarious' and 'glamourous'. That's not what Holly Madison, one of Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends, had to say here

While Chemist Warehouse did respond promptly to remove their paedophilic themed sex toy they still range a number of Playboy branded perfumes and deodorant in stores. 

Thankfully it looks as though Spotlight have stopped selling playboy merchandise so they are not on our list this year. We hope this is a permanent decision for them and we invite them to sign our corporate pledge

Have you seen any other retailers stocking Playboy branded products that are not on our list? Please contact us here so we can add it to our list. 

*It has since been brought to our attention that The Reject Shop, Pillow, Smokemart and Chrisco are also stocking Playboy branded products. 

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