Playboy cameos in g rated kids film 'hop'

The Easter Bunny described as 'sexy' by Hugh Hefner

Collective Shout supporter Emily has alerted us to Playboy's latest product placement, kids Easter Film 'Hop.' Like many others will do on the school holidays, Emily had taken her child to see the film.

Emily writes:

hop.jpgThe Easter Bunny (EB for short) had come to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune, but the poor little guy had nowhere to stay. He walks around Hollywood for a while with his little map and tourist guide, looking forlorn. Then the light bulb comes on above those little rabbit ears! Where do you think he ended up? Why, of course! The Playboy mansion with the iconic bunny prominently displayed upon those huge metal gates. EB had a word with the man of the house via the security camera at the front gate (the voice of Hugh Hefner) stating something to the effect of 'sexy bunnies from all over the world stay at the Playboy mansion' and that he thought he qualified as a sexy bunny (my apologies...I can't remember the exact quote).So I guess my question if in the world could any of the people involved in the production of this movie have thought it appropriate or amusing to include a brand that peddles pornography in a G rated children's movie? There were no actual 'bunnies' depicted in the movie. Hugh Hefner only lent his voice to the movie. I know Playboy has already saturated the children's clothing market with their cute little 'bunny' products. But as far as I am concerned, this is just one more step in the wrong direction. And the people headed in this direction are not taking a stroll along a country lane. They are sliding, out of control, down a treacherous and slippery slope.

The Playboy brand has attached itself to everything from pencil cases for kids, dress up fairy wings, bed spreads, energy drinks and make up lines. Many young people are attracted to the 'cute bunny' logo, not realising that they are wearing a global brand of the porn industry. A brand created by a man who gives his 'girlfriends' 9.30 curfews and who has said 'i don't care if a baby holds up a playboy bunny rattle. A brand which produces titles such as 'barely 18 a**l virgins.'

The continued placement of this brand on products that aren't otherwise pornographic contributes to the mainstreaming of pornography in our culture. Pornography and the sexist and degrading attitudes that go along with it is normalised and accepted.

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  • Candeece Anderson
    commented 2019-06-01 10:51:12 +1000
    This movie really upsets me and I’m so disgusted!!!

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