‘Pop This’: how the dance industry caters for paedophilic fantasies with underage girls

UPDATE 15/6/15: California Kisses removes paedophilic 'pop that' ads after Collective Shout pressure

UPDATE 1/7/15: We spoke too soon

On June 15 we announced that children's dancewear retailer, California Kisses (CK), had quietly responded to Collective Shout pressures by removing paedophilic comments from their Instagram images of underage dance models.
CK are now repeat offenders in their detrimental online practices, as we have since discovered more un-moderated activity on their social media account. 

That's two strikes CK. How many more underage girls will be exposed to these sexual predators before you genuinely clean up your act?

Our investigation continues: Dancewear company does nothing to stop men posting fantasies about young dance models

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Two weeks ago I ran this piece by Sydney dance teacher and writer Jemma Nicoll, about the sexification of young dancers inside Australia’s booming dance studio scene.

It became one of the most popular pieces I’ve ever published here at MTR.

In this continuing investigation, Jemma has now uncovered more about the seedy underside of the industry, including sext-up styling and posing of girls in ads for dance wear.

Pop a 12 year-olds virginity says global dancewear company

Jemma Nicoll  

The girl on your left is 16.

The one in the middle is 14.

The one to your right, she's 12 years old.

And the dancewear company they model for think it's OK to exploit them for male paedophiliac fantasies.

'Pop that'. For those who are unaware, this is a porn-inspired phrase referring to the ‘popping’ of her cherry – taking her virginity. It’s a popular porn genre. It is also the phrase superimposed over the three child models on the homepage of California Kisses (CK); a popular American dance wear label currently advertising for new Australian stockists.The dancers featured are posed coyly in CK's renowned crop and booty short combinations.

In a recent advertisement for the label, CK feature a girl who appears to be around 5-7 years of age dressed in a brief French Maid’s outfit.  


The brand currently supply to four Australian stockists including Showcase: the largest dance competition event in the country. Together, Showcase and CK held the 'California Kisses Australian Model Search' in January, with the crowned winner receiving an all-expenses paid trip to the U.S for a modeling shoot with the company.

The parent company of Showcase is Global Events & Entertainment Pty Ltd, which holds the exclusive license to on-sell CK stock in Australia. Last week they invited all Australian dancewear retailers to submit an application to stock the CK label.  


CK has a global following of over 278,000 users on Instagram. On reading the comments that flood their account daily, their audience can be compartmentalised into two: dancers as young as 10, and older men who blatantly express their gratification at the little girls posing in the CK range. Here is a sample of what the company allow on their page for thousands of girls to see.

'Give me a blowy'
'F*** her right in the pussy'
'Nice body for f***'
'Nice position for f***'
'Slap it'
'I enjoy this photo'
'Mmmh' 'Small as breasticles'
'[Too] flat chested. What's the reason to wear that if there's nothing?'
'This b**** is anorexic'
'So hot'
‘Sexy girl',
'So cute girl',
'I want to marry her',
' Hey how old are you?'

After clicking on a serial commenter who appreciates many of the company's images, I arrived at the profile of a middle-aged man smiling proudly alongside his wife and two sons.

After pasting one of many foreign comments by Middle-Eastern men into Google translator, I can now say 'absolutely gorgeous' in the Farsi dialect.

Among the pedophiliac comments are those of thousands of young girls despising their own bodies and publicly shaming the faces, bellies, breasts and thighs of others. 'I'm so fat I don't stand a chance' says one, with crying face emoticon and a gun pointing towards it.

With advertising and online practices like these, we call on Australian dancewear companies to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and not go near the CK brand. Current Australian stockists should remove the CK brand.

California Kisses needs to clean up its act and do right by the thousands of young girls that follow their every move.

Give California Kisses your feedback:

Website: californiakisses.com

Twitter: @CaliKissesDance

Facebook: facebook.com/CaliforniaKissesDance

Jemmanicoll.jpgJemma Nicoll is a UTS Journalism graduate and freelance writer. She directs Inspire Creative Arts, a dance school in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire and is involved in mentoring and self-esteem development programs for girls.     

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  • Deborah Dicembre
    commented 2022-12-02 10:12:12 +1100
    This brings me to tears
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    And dudes are really likely to look at it👮👮👮
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    commented 2015-07-03 09:14:52 +1000
    Shame on them … pimping young female children

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